Interesting toys to entertain a lonelydepressedbored dog

When you are away on a trip, do you leave your pet at home? Are you gone for long periods during the day for work or play? If so, have you ever come home to find some of your things (couch, clothes, walls, etc) torn up and you just don’t know why? I mean, you left a plush dog toy, food, water, and even went as far as to leave the television or radio on. So, why did your pet act up? Well, maybe you just didn’t leave the right dog chew toy for your pooch to play with while you were away.

Finding interesting dog chew toys to keep your dog entertained or happy while you are away can be a challenge. But, it is not impossible. There are actually some great dog chew toys and plush dog toys that are on the market today that can help any pooch that is lonely or spends any time away from you. It all depends on the breed and the age of your pet as to which dog chew toy or plush dog toy is right to keep your “other” child happy.

If you have a puppy, a great option are the new plush dog toys that can be warmed in the microwave to impersonate the feel of their siblings. These plush dog toys are about the same size as a normal size puppy, and the warmth can help to soothe a puppy to sleep or to help keep him company while you are at work. There are also some other great plush dog toys that have a small blanket attached to the body for your pup to snuggle with when he is sleepy or lonely. Another great option to leave out for a puppy are the indestructible dog toys so your pup can play and have a good time, without tearing up anything!

If you have an older dog, you can also find great plush dog toys that will help your pooch to relax when you are away for long periods of time. These plush dog toys come in all sizes and can give your pet something to snuggle with when they are lonely or scared. Some dog experts even suggest spraying a squirt of your perfume or cologne on the plush dog toy so it will smell like you and help to relax your pet even more. Rope dog toys are also great playthings for your older pet while you are away, as it gives them something to play with, without tearing up your things.

Before you head out on your next trip, take some time to head to the local pet store and find a great dog chew toy and a snuggly, plush dog toy to help keep your pet company while you are away. If you truly put some time and effort into selecting the right plush dog toy for your pooch to snuggle while and the right tug dog toy for him to play with, you will come home to find your things intact and your pet happy.