Great dane companionship

This article is to inform people all over the world of the gentle nature and pure devotion of my personal favrite dog, the Great Dane. The Great Dane is a Gentle giant, loving companion, and the perfect companion for most whoi have the means of keeping this dog happy. Any dog in the hands of an irresponsible owner, can be dangerous. These dogs have huge hearts, hearts which can be broken easily by the hand of an over-zealous owner.

Since I was a small child my family has been raising Great Danes. When trained properly, these dogs are perfect companions. They demand, and usually receive everyone’s attention. Take this dog to the park and not a head will be left unturned. Some will turn and run, but for no reason except for perhaps their lack of knowledge of the breed. My best friend ever was a dane, and being a teenager at the time she was always the life of the party. As a lot of teenagers do, I drove an old beat up car and her favorite spot to sit was on the hood. She went more places with me than my girlfriend and looking back that was probably a good thing. She held her beer better than myself, and I think she actually drove me home a time or two. Now, I don’t condone giving a dog beer or letting her drive home, but this was far more than a decede ago, and I wasn’t the brightest of teenagers. Well, back to the breed, if you are considering this breed for a pet you must live in the country or have a very large yard. They require a lot of exercise and have a lot of energy to burn. I, personally, don’t believe that walking this dog once a day would ever be enough exercise, so apartment dwellers should really reconsider. They are usually considered clumsy, but if you compare their size to their agility they are really quite graceful. With their extremely long legs they sometimes resemble a deer standing for the first time{I’m sure you have all seen the movie “Bambi”]. However, running in an open field they come closer to resembling a full grown buck with great speed and grace. The breed is usually good with children, however, anything with such great size can be “accidentally dangerous. Most are loyal and gentle, but the ones who are not can generally be traced back to an irresponsible owner. They grow to be at least thirty inches high at the shoulder, aand at least 110 lbs. The males grow much larger and can be a bit harder to train.