An attack dog for you

There is a big difference between an attack dog and a wild dog. Attack dogs are able to strike and then stop when ordered to do so by its master. They are obedient, following almost every command given. They have undergone extensive training in order to achieve its unique ability with restraint. On the other hand a wild dog is just purely aggressive. It hardly shows any control. Attacking at will is what it does. When hurt, it immediately retaliates – a very dangerous animal. Many find the idea of having an attack dog appealing. People interested in this kind of pet are often after the security of their homes.

That’s why the popularity of the breeds suitable for the position are increasing. Attack dogs are often used by police forces. Sometimes when the humans assess the situation of apprehending the criminal as “too risky”, they send in the trained canine to do it for them. In other scenarios, this creature is used to take down the 1st line of defense, making it easier for the humans to desolate the enemy. Some consider this as unfair on the part of the animal, but still, no one can deny the fact that it works. Training an attack dog should be left to professionals only.

It is a job that requires an experienced handler, and should never be attempted by the common pet owner. If not trained correctly, you can end up with one vicious pet. That would defeat the purpose of training one to secure the safety of you and your household, right? So don’t try doing anything that you’ll end up regretting. Not all dogs are up to the task of becoming an attack dog. The breed of choice must have the necessary traits and physical build. Not only that but a sound mind. When I say this I mean that it must possess good psychological features.

It must be able to deal with stress well. Being able to identify when and when not its master will need aid is important. You don’t want your pet biting your friend just for horsing around with you. The dog you choose must also have an inclination towards protection. It must come from a blood line that has the natural instinct to safeguard its owner. Fidelity is also needed. It should stay loyal to you and you alone. Strength, agility, endurance and intelligence should also be taken into consideration. Looking tough and having a face that is easily recognized as a force to be reckoned will help a lot.

Once identified as an attack dog, intruders will hesitate breaking in your house. They’ll skip yours and move on to a house with a friendlier pooch. Above all, it should be easy to train and obedient. A breed may be tough and big but can be hard to train. Proper training must be observed. If not the whole thing can backfire on you – have your dog trained by professionals. Remember that even if it has been throughly trained, there is always a possibility that you will get bitten. This is not suitable for owners with children.