Care for eyes, ears and nails of dog

No matter you are having your dog showered or only coming hair, you should care for his eyes, ears, teeth and anal. Dog eyes are considered healthy if their eyes are bright and clear with large open eyelids. If he has little irritated eyes, use eyes lotion which can be found all over. Slowly clean out any dirty at his head and end of eyes. If yellowish or greenish stain is found, consult with your dog’s veterinarian. It is important sign for red eyes. If he has excessive tear, you also should consult your veterinarian to check tear gland function because if he has excessive tear, he will have brownish stain between eyes and mouth. Veterinarian can tell you if the tear gland functions normally, so that you do not have to be worried about that brownish stain more.

Clean your dog’s ears regularly once a week. The cleaning is very important especially for dog with falling ears which causes humidity in ears and non-ventilation. The falling ears normally become source of germs and fungi leading to ears infection in dogs.

Use cotton bud soaked by baby oil to clean dog’s ears. The ear holes are in L shape. It goes directly and turning to head. The end of L shape is eardrum. The cleaning method can be performed by holding earlobe above the head, slowly insert cotton bud inside vertically. It prevents damages of eardrum from using cotton buds.

Some breeds of dogs such as Pudle have hair in their ears. If no treatment, it may causes infection. The external hair can be eliminated by hand and for internal hair it has to be eliminated by veterinarian, including hair in reddish area in ears or any irritation. If their ears have foul smell, they scratch their ears, or turn lean their head to one side, consult with veterinarian.

For domestic over-sized dog that regularly go outdoor for exercise, his nails will be shorten naturally. For a small dog that mostly live in house, you need to have them nail cut. For a dog with long hair at his feet such as Cocker spaniel, it is probably difficult to see his length of nail, check his nails regularly.

The nail cutting is probably not easy as expected. The process is very easy but dog’s reaction makes it difficult. They are usually frustrated and noisy.

Before nail cutting, make sure what you have to do because the nails contain vessel and nerve which is fresh under nails. If it is cut, the dog will get hurt and bleeding. If he has pale nails, you can see his fresh under nails as pinkish fresh under nails. Use nail cuter especially for dogs to cut his nails little under fresh line. If he has black color nails, the nail cutting will be even more difficult. You have to slowly and slightly cut them to prevent the fresh to be cut. The safe method is to cut under curve of nails.

If you accentually cut the fresh, do not be alarmed from his crying. Use medicated power to stop bleeding, apply or press on the wound for five minutes.

For every nail cutting, do not forget to cut inside nail which does not touch the ground while walking. It is compared to our thumb. Dogs in some breed have such nails at both front and behind feet and it does not found in some other breed as it has been pulled out since dogs are too young. Since the nails do not touch ground at all, they cannot become shorten naturally like other nails.