How to talk your mate into having a dog

The world is divided into two types of people, those who love dogs and the heartless empty shells (resembling humans) that do not love dogs. (A large percentage of the latter are commonly known as cat people. Ewww).If you are a dog lover and you have made the unfortunate mistake of choosing someone who is not, to share your life with, there are some options for you. First, you can break it off. This may sound harsh, but how well do you really know this person? Your dog has proven his loyalty by barking at the mailman (Who could possibly go on a shooting spree at any time), and by howling at sirens, in a way warning you of possible danger. If breaking up is out of the question you can go for the second option- live without a dog in your life. Ok, that one was just a joke. Option Number three is to talk your mate into having a dog. This is something you can do. If you need a little help with this, read on as we discuss two ways to talk your mate into having a dog.

First, you can use the fact that a dog can be the best alarm system you can possibly have. For example, we will use the German Shepherd. A German Shepherd has eighteen different muscles in its ears. This allows him to move his ears in almost any direction that the smallest sound may come from. This dog has an unbelievable ability to sense what is going on around him. He even continues to listen to his surroundings after going to sleep, and will wake up if someone approaches your house. If you had a dog like this in your home no criminal would be stupid enough to break into your house.

Secondly, you can make them think that it is their idea. Women obviously have an advantage in using this strategy. Because most women do not need help in this area, and would most likely go to this as a first option, for the sake of discussion we will explore how men can use this tactic. There are a few ways to do this. One way is to push her emotional buttons. Tell your little lady stories about a dog you had when you were a kid and how much he meant to you. Really lay it on thick when you talk about how you felt when he died. Women eat that stuff up. If you can get her to tear up a little you are home free. You can also use the physical fitness angle. If you are a male old enough to be in a serious relationship you have probably already developed what doctors like to call a “Pus Gut”or a “Food Blister” around your mid-section. If you haven’t, you will. By telling your woman that having a dog will give you a jogging partner, you can make her think that you will be getting into shape. The truth is that by the time your dog is trained well enough to run on a leash, she will be too attached to get rid of him when you sit on the couch watching football and drinking beer with your dog at your side.

If these strategies do not work, you can always beg. There is nothing like the sight of an adult whining and crying to get their way. This does not always work, but as a last resort it can’t be ignored. If even begging does not work, you can always use the “I got you a surprise today” approach. This is where you bring a puppy home “as a gift” for your mate. In this last ditch effort, you are relying on the puppies ability to sell himself, using his most devastating weapon- puppy dog eyes. Whatever method you use, you can be sure that all the effort will be worthwhile.