How to build a dog proof fence

Do you want to keep your k9 safe in your backyard? Worried that your dog might escape when you’re not at home or during night time? Do you want to keep him away from other pets, kids and people in your neighborhood to prevent possible trouble from happening? Building a dog proof fencing system is a practical solution if you have qualms about the safety of your beloved pet!

Making a dog-proof fence is not rocket science. In fact, everybody can make their own dog proof fencing system by just following these simple strategies or installation steps. As you all know, most dogs have the habit of digging or going under fences. If the latch isn’t secure enough, they can also manage to open the gate.

One way of ensuring that your fence is dog-proof at all times is to regularly check if it needs any necessary repairs. Inspect if there are gaps and holes that are big enough for your dog to squeeze through. If you have a sturdy fence, you will prevent your dog from digging under or jump over it.

Remember, the standard height for a good fence is about 5 to 6 foot tall. On the base, it is highly recommended that it is concreted to prevent your dog from digging out. To stop your canine from squeezing his way under the fence, put cement blocks under the fence or extend the wire from the bottom of the fence to a few feet underground. You should also give your k9 his own little space with loose soil in the backyard where he can play and satisfy his digging urges.

Remove all the objects such as tables or chairs near the fence as they could serve as “jumping pads.” Some dogs may be able to jump over the fence though these things.

In most cases, a picket fence along the walkway is not enough to contain your dog inside the yard. This is the reason why you must install fence extensions to make your fence dog-proof. One option is putting an inward extension of the fence made from chicken wire. The other one is an electric wire which will be placed along the top of the fence. You can install a line of electronic fence around the top about two inches above the fence height.