How to stop dog biting

Dog biting is the most serious dog behavior problem because of it’s possibility for very serious damage being done to people. Because of this it’s of incredible importance to make sure that your dog does not bite.

It’s important to start early. A dog learns most of it’s habits in it’s first four months of life. In these first four months it must learn how to hold back its biting instinct. Usually, puppies are taken away from their family so most of them are no longer taught by their mother dogs. So you have to be your puppies’ “Mother Dog.”

Depriving your dogs of the potential learning experiences they get from rolling, tumbling and playing with other puppies can be harmful. During play puppies are naturally biting one another anytime and anywhere. Out of that play, dogs can feel the effects of being bitten; henceforth, their biting instinct can gradually be inhibited. Interaction with other puppies must be freely given. Natural inhibition from biting can occur better without human intervention. Biting inhibition is best acquired by dogs out of natural experience.

Socialize your dogs with fellow dogs and other human beings in order for them to outgrow their fear of other animals and people. Take note if your dog is not socialized it is much more restless and distructive in the home.

Lack of socialization is the top reason why dogs bite. If the dogs are not socialized with children then a dog may not know how to react to the way children interact with dogs. Thus, while your pets are still in their puppy stages; introduce them to your kids and have your children befriend them.

Teach your dog to trust and respect you and your household members. Kicking, hitting, slapping the dog will erode the dogs’ trust in you as their masters. Nurture the trust and respect that a dog gives you. Once you are subjecting your dog to a rigid training, never scold or punish them about their mistakes and misconducts because the fault does not lie in them and they do not understand yelling.

Teaching the dog to bite an enemy who has illegally entered your residence can be possible if you give your dog friendly training through treats. Your command must be easily picked up by the dog. Its good conduct must immediately be rewarded.

A well trained dog can be a very effective house guard.