Grooming is an important part of dog care

It is of vital importance that your pet be groomed on a regular basis. Dirt and grime can get caught in the dog hair and may cause matting and tangles, which can be difficult to get out. Most cases if bad enough they will have to be cut out. Fleas and ticks attach themselves to your dogs skin. Without proper groomer the parasites may go undetected for sometime.

It is best to train your dog at a young age. An untrained dog can be trained to get groomed, it takes more time, patience and consistancy. Start by brushing him all over this way he get used to you or a professional groomer handeling him. If you choose to use a professional groomer be sure to select one that will handle your dog gently. You don’t want him to be afraid. Brushing doesn’t only remove mats, it also takes away dead hair. By reducing dead hair it also reduces doggie odor.

While grooming your dog look for bumps, inflammation, hot spots, irritation, fleas and ticks. To get rid of ticks use a tweezer to pull them off. It is important to get the whole tick out. You don’t want to leave any part of the tick on your dogs skin. Fleas can easily be removed by using a fine-tooth comb. If you suspect your dog has fleas wash him with flea and tick shampoo and then apply with a nice conditioner. Ears should be kept clean and checked for ear mites. If you have a long eared dog they are more susceptible to ear mites. Examin your dogs paws for dirt or pebbles, their paws can become infected if anything is caught in them.

Nails should be trimmed monthly. If you have a difficult time, you can take him to a professional groomer or even your veterinarian. It is recommended to call around and look for the lowest price. To remove mucus from your dogs eyes a damp cloth may be used. Dental hygiene is of vital importance. Again, at a young age start brushing his teeth. Do not use human toothpaste it is not made to be swallowed. They sell dog toothbrushes and toothpaste. To get your dog used to the toothbrush, have him chew on one that was dipped in warm water and garlic salt. They love the taste.

Every dog owner should have their own grooming kit. A good kit includes a grooming brush, combs, dog shampoo, coat conditioner and toenail clippers for dogs.

Remember a good dog is a happy and healthy dog.