How to know if your dog is obese

How do you actually know if your dog is carrying the right weight? Is it possible that your dog is obese? US statistics show that more than 40% of pet dogs in the country are above their normal weight. In Europe, the figures are very disturbing, about 50% of pet dogs are obese. Surprisingly, only 40% of pet owners in the United States think that their dogs are overweight. This report suggests that pet owners, like you, may not know what the proper weigh of their pets should be.

Pet owners who have weighing scales are lucky to know the present health conditions of their dogs. Unfortunately, there are dog owners who do not bother knowing about the weight of their pets. There is nothing wrong with giving your dogs adequate food and deserving treats. But anything that is given in excess is no longer good for them.

Interestingly, not all dogs that look big are overweight. Your pet may look normal on the outside, but they may be actually carrying excess body mass. Veterinarians say that you do not even need a weighing scale to know if your dog is obese. There are two simple ways to check whether a dog is overweight or not.

First, run your fingers along your pet’s rib cage. Try to feel the ribs with and without pressure. If you cannot count the ribs even with the application of pressure, then your dog is having excessive layer of fat on top of its rib cage.

Second, run your fingers along your pet’s lower side. Try to feel if your dog’s body has a tuck in between his hips. Try to feel the indentation of the waistline. Check whether there is a straight line from your dog’s shoulder to the hips. If the answers to these are all negative, then your pet is obese.

Weight reduction coupled with a balanced diet and regular exercise is the best solution to your dog’s weight problems. In the US, pet owners and vets celebrate the National Canine Weight Check every February. During this time, experts offer free weight assessment for your dogs. You will also get free resources about how to maintain dog’s weight and information on various health problems related to obesity.

Like humans, dogs also need to live a healthy lifestyle. The key is to induce moderation in everything. Reduce the amount of treats that you give to your dog. Cuddling your puppy is fun, but also take him outside to play. Water therapy is also helpful. And best of all, a regular visit to the vet will ensure that your dog is always in tip-top shape.