How to keep your puppy off your furniture

Your puppy sure is cute. He looks at you with those big eyes, and you melt. So you kind of let him have a little more freedom than you know he should have. When he jumps on your furniture, you look the other way, so he does it even more.

Soon you find it almost impossible to keep your puppy off your furniture. And by then, it’s very difficult to change his behavior.

Don’t let this happen to you. Be strong, and follow these tips to keep your puppy off your furniture.

1. Crate Train Your Puppy ─ You’ll reduce the problem of your puppy trying to sneak onto your couch or chairs if you confine your puppy to a crate for short periods of time while you’re gone from the house or aren’t near him to shoo him off the furniture.

2. Put Objects on the Furniture ─ By putting toys a laundry basket, or other large objects on your couch and chairs, you’ll prevent your puppy from finding comfortable spots to curl up and sleep. You’ll also keep his drool and hair off the furniture.

3. Use Behavior Modification Tactics ─ You’ll have to do this over and over, but by just shooing your puppy off the furniture each time he does it, you’ll start training him to keep off the furniture. It will take some long-term training, but he’ll get it eventually.

There are a number of reasons to want to keep your puppy off your furniture. Not only will it keep your furniture clean and free of your puppy’s hair, but you’ll prevent your puppy from believing he’s the alpha puppy who has free reign in your house.

You may find that one of the above tips work to keep your puppy off your couch and chairs, but you may find that you need to all the tips to accomplish your puppy’s behavior modification.

As in all puppy training, you’ll have to keep up your efforts in order to be successful. Don’t give up.