Canine viral hepatitis, diagnosis of dog diseases

In the world of canines, many diseases and infections exist everywhere, even in the most sophisticated homes and yards. Diagnosing a dog disease comes from seeing the symptoms your dog may show and then having the necessary tests done to find the exact cause of the disease. The top canine diseases are canine viral hepatitis, bloating, aortic steonosis, distemper and the parvovirus. With proper health care and diet, dogs can live a healthy life as your faithful companion for many years.

Diagnosis of Dog Diseases- Canine Viral HepatitisThis viral disease affects younger dogs and puppies. Affecting the liver and inner lining of the blood vessels, this disease is transmitted from dog to dog by way of a discharge from the infected dog. Some symptoms of the disease stomach bleeding, increased thirst, lack of appetite, vomiting and a tender stomach when touched. Dogs do show discomfort when experiencing canine viral hepatitis.

Diagnosis of Dog Diseases- Bloating A life threatening and serious problem in dogs, also called gastric dilation volvulus, comes from over eating as well as other health problems. Some breeds are prone to this because of their breed, but others just plain over eat. The symptoms of bloating are a restless dog and a fat looking stomach that happens quickly. Dry heaves follow such a condition and proper diagnosis is required by tests. Sometimes taking food away for twenty-four hours will help reduce the bloating problem in your dog.

Diagnosis of Dog Diseases- Canine DistemperCanine distemperis a viral infection that affects the immune system and can lead to serious complications if not death. This disease is contracted from contact with the excretions of an infected dog. Airborne particles can also contribute to infecting other dogs. Dogs rarely survive, but when they do, they suffer from muscle spasms and convulsions. The symptoms of a fever over 104 degrees, depression, pus in the eyes, convulsions, diarrhea and vomiting, if you see these signs, you need to contact your vet immediately. Proper vaccination of your dog prevents this viral disease from taking the life or livelihood of your companion.

Diagnosis of Dog Diseases- Aortic SteonosisAortic steonosis is an obstruction of the blood vessel that carries blood from the left ventricle and is an inherited health problem. No symptoms are visible for mild cases, but severe cases prevent the dog from any type of exercise. Dogs tend to faint when performing any kind of exercise due to the severity of the blockage. If your dog shows symptoms of fainting, tests will determine the exact cause and the vet will describe treatment objectives.

Diagnosis of Dog Diseases- Canine ParvovirusPuppies under six months of age succumb to this particular disease. The intestinal tract, lymphoid tissue, immune system and the bone marrow are affected. Symptoms may be vomiting, convulsion weight loss and dehydration with coughing. For some puppies, death is immediate. Puppies need proper medical attention and proper vaccinations to prevent such an untimely demise.