Mastiff magic explains the mastiff dog breed

Mastiffs have often been surrounded by an air of mystery. Their incredibly large size makes them somewhat intimidating, and thus have often been overlooked as pets. So Mastiff Magic asks the question: Do mastiffs make good family pets?

When thinking of which type of dog would suit your family, consider the following:

1. Size * The mastiff is one of the largest dog breeds. However, this does not mean that they are unsuitable for a small home or apartment! * Mastiffs do not possess the boundless energy of some smaller dogs, and are in fact prone to obesity. * If you are committed to exercising your mastiff every single day, he could most likely be very happy in your small home. 2. Temperament * The mastiff has an unusual temperament; some might even call it a “dual personality.” * This breed is very loyal, as well as affectionate, calm, and even-tempered around his master and his family. * He well, however, become ferocious in defending his loved ones from any perceived threat, including a visiting stranger. 3. Training * With a large and powerful dog like the mastiff, training is essential. * An untrained small dog can often be physically controlled by its master, but a mastiff is too strong to be restrained by a human. * Strict training must be employed in order to keep the mastiff from charging and injuring an innocent bystander.

Having a mastiff is quite a privilege, and you will find yourself the recipient of many compliments and question when out walking your dog. You will know you are ready for a mastiff when you are sure that you can set aside time every single day (without fail) to exercise him, and that you are committed to extensive dog training.

Your well-trained mastiff is sure to be a delight to you and your family, as well as a loyal friend and companion.