Exercise and your dog

Are you worried that your dog doesn’t get enough exercise because of a weight problem and does he just sit around all day like a couch potato?

If experts have discovered that exercise is key to human health and wellbeing, it is safe to say that your Dog will benefit from the same research. Physical and mental health is vastly improved in both species when exercise is introduced in to their lives.

A few things that exercise can do for your pet are improve muscle tone, increase bone density, improve joint mobility, improve cardiovascular capacity, better digestion and promote healthier blood pressure. The state of mind for your Dog is extremely important for good quality of life, and an exercise program will relieve stress in many ways. The benefits are too many to mention, including lessening the risk of many diseases.

In obedience training, exercise plays a key role in your pets life. In most cases, exercise before any kind of training will give you a calmer participant than a pet that has a lot of pent-up energy possibly cause him or her not to listen.

An added benefit to regular exercise is helping you and your dog to form a strong bond. Training and exercise promote a bond with your pet that there is no equal to. Dogs in general want desperately to please their masters and enjoy performing well in a training situation. Besides the training aspect, playing games is a very good way to get exercise and have fun with them at the same time. Throwing a frisbee across a field or any other way to cause movement will benefit your pet. There are even indoor things you can do for exercise such as throwing a dog toy to be retrieved and brought back to you. Play tug of war with an old sock or even hide a treat of some kind for him or her to find. All good fun.

If you are extremely busy and just can’t give your dog the time, there are services will walk your dog for you daily. You can even hire the neighborhood child to walk your dog every day. Doggie treadmills are made especially for dogs will also give him exercise. There are many makes and models of doggie doors you can purchase so that your dog can go outside any time they want.

If you do have the time, there are many dog competitions that you and your dog can become a part of. Dog sledding, sport hunting or herding competitions, lure coursing, fly tracking and obedience competitions. All involve movement and all require lots of exercise.

There are also free classes that you can sign your dog up for such as Doga (yoga for dogs). Doga has stretching and moving and promotes a calm wellbeing.

Just remember, it’s important not to get your dog used to just sitting around all day. Getting the proper amount of exercise can help him live a longer and happier life that you will want to share with him.

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