5 common mistakes make when buying a dog bed

When you are shopping for a dog bed for your dog, there are a few things that you need to avoid so that you can make an informed, intelligent purchase. Don’t buy the first dog bed that you see, take your time and shop around. If possible, bring your dog with you when you shop for a bed so that you can make sure that you get one that is large enough. Otherwise, keep handy these five common mistakes and take care to avoid them.

It is not chew proof

If you have a chewer and your bed is not chew proof, you may come home one day to a shredded doggie bed. Check the liner as well as the bed itself and see how durable they are. Some beds are chew proof and you can purchase new liners or use old blankets for the inside of the bed. Another consideration here is regarding chewing. You don’t want your dog chew his or her bed and get something stuck in their throat or choke. This is pretty unlikely, but there is always a possibility. It is better to be safe than sorry.

It is cheap

When you buy a cheap doggie bed, you usually get what you pay for. Chances are your cheap doggie bed won’t last long. You may do better to get a slightly more expensive or better made bed for your dog. With a better made dog bed, preferably by a name that you can trust, you know it will hold up well.

It is not the right size

You don’t want to get your bull dog a doggie bed that is made for a toy poodle and you don’t want to get your Chihuahua a doggie bed that is made for a Great Dane. The point here is, make sure that your doggie bed is the right size for your dog. Your dog should be able to comfortably turn around, curl up and stretch out in his or her bed. You do not, however, want to get a doggie bed that is too big for the dog either. If the dog feels lost in a huge bed, they may not want to stay in it. If you get a bed for a puppy, remember that puppies grow – fast! You may want to get a larger bed, but pile a comforter or blanket in it so that the puppy can make a nice little nest in which to sleep.

It is not washable

The last thing that you want is a doggie bed that you can not clean. You want a bed that is fully washable. Dog beds can become quite odiferous over time, plus, they can harbor fleas. Get a bed that you can wash the lining regularly and wipe down the bed itself if it is not able to be thrown in the washing machine. Use a mild solution of bleach and water to clean your dog’s bed. This is the best way to deodorize and disinfect the bed and bedding.

It does not suit your dog

Finally, make sure that the bed fits the dog. If the dog is warm natured, he will swelter in a bed lined with sheepskin. If your dog is cold natured she will freeze if you don’t throw in some blankets. The bottom line is when seeking a dog bed, think of the dog first. What is safe and what suits them best.