The clumber spaniel, endurance until the end

The Clumber Spaniel is a spaniel that was existent in nineteenth century Britain. This breed is possibly a mixture of some of the early spaniel types and the Basset Hound. This breed is known for an excellent sense of smell and also for his endurance.

This spaniel is heavy-bodies and long and sits very low, thus standing only seventeen to twenty inches in height. However, they can weigh anywhere from fifty-five to eighty-five pounds. The Clumber is considered heavier boned than other spaniels with a huge head and face and expression resembling that of the hound. His coat is weather-resistant and very dense. It usually lies flat and straight. Because of this, his coat has a tendency to be tangled, so it must be brushed regularly and clipped periodically so that the coat is clean and free of tangles. This breed is usually white with either lemon or orange markings anywhere on their body. Their coat sheds a lot and also tends to absorb odors, so constant brushing is necessary.

This breed is known for his excellence in hunting under cover and if trained properly, is an excellent retriever. This breed has been trained for running through and hunting in bushes. They are very perseverant and nothing stops them when they are on the hunt or tracking a scent. Despite their focus on the hunt, they are still a very affectionate breed, but generally do not do very well with stranger. Around strangers, they are considered to be aloof and dignified and not very outgoing. With those they know, however, they are loyal and gentle and their “best friend”.

Clumbers are loyal to a fault and unfortunately consider themselves a lap dog and will sit on your lap to get attention and affection. This must be discouraged because of their weak hips. Sitting on couches and anything that may compromise their already weak hips must be discouraged. Because of their weak hips, canine hip dysplasia is a serious malady in this breed.

The Clumber Spaniel puppy is very inquisitive and creative with their curiosity. As a puppy, they are very people-focused and have the need to carry something. Therefore, as these are puppies, be sure to hide shoes and any articles of clothing that you don’t want carried by a curious and inventive breed.

This breed can be fed anywhere from one and a half to two and a half cans of a high-quality meaty product or five cups of a dry dog food with vitamins and minerals.

A huge fenced yard with plenty of running, romping and playing room is the best for this breed. They must get daily exercise and plenty of it. Although apartment living is not best suited for the Clumber, if the owner must live in an apartment, be assured that the Clumber gets plenty of exercise. Because this dog is inherently a hunter, training can be a challenge because they will tend to follow any scent.

Firm training is necessary and the trainer must constantly establish that he is the leader, or the Clumber will quickly find any weakness and try to take over or take advantage of the leader. Because this dog possesses a latent possessive aggression that is not easily seen, this dog should not be spoiled.

In spoiling this breed, this aggression will rise to the surface if the breed does not get his own way. Because of this tendency, children cannot be rough or wrestle with this dog, because the aggression may cause them to bite, simply because they get over-possessive. If an elderly person has strong leadership skills, they may be fine with this breed; however socialization and early training must take place.