Dr. dogs fast and easy dog behavior solutions

Have you, like me, mistaken obediance training for behavioral training? You would think one was the same as the other, wouldn’t you ? Apparently it is not the same thing at all.

You may have a dog which barks and barks and really annoys both you and your neighbors. Obediance training would probably only end up with him sitting when you say, staying when you say, but still barking all the while!

There are so many things which young dogs do which you think you will never be able to cure, but take heart, where there is a will there is a way, and with this product you have the way.

Testimonials are showing that people think this program has to be the best thing since sliced bread.

The problem seems to be that we think we have got a point across to a badly behaved dog by yelling at it and shaking the article he has chewed in his face. No chance, he just doesn’t know what he has done wrong. He knows you are not pleased by the tone of your voice and will give you that sad eyed look, but be absolutely oblivious as to what’s wrong.

You will be able to walk your dog on a slack leash, not have him pulling your arm out of its socket. You want him to stop barking when you say ‘quiet’, and to stop chewing your furniture, just for the fun of it!

There is something very important to learn also, to get the dog to do its business outside and where you tell him to. You can actually make him do it on command – unbelievable isn’t it?

In sorting out your dog’e behavior it is quite possible to think you are training him right, but you could be doing something totally wrong.

This program gives you fair warning, that dogs can adopt behavior patterns after only one incident. You may actually be giving him the wrong ideas and then it will not be easy to remove them from his memory.

According to the author, Dr. Dog, paper training is the worst thing you can do. Who knew that ?

Not only do dogs react to your tone, but they actually read your body language. There are so many different humane ways to make your dog acknowledge that you are the boss.

Dr. Dog is definitely not in favor of choke chains. He thinks that anyone who uses that kind of leash shouldn’t be let near anything with a pulse! Those are his very words.

You are going to learn how to make sure your dog behaves well even if you are not in the house. There seem to be around 18 different reasons why a dog would chew anything, and you get an answer as to how you solve each one.

There are also 12 reasons why dogs dig. I didn’t know that, I thought they just liked to do it and maybe bury a bone. You can train your dog to bark only if it thinks your person or property are in danger.

You even get advice on how to get rid of soil marks on your carpeting.

You find out whether its a good idea to have your dog neutered. You learn how to stop your dog from fretting when you are away from him.

The methods in this program are proven to have a 96.4% success rate. So, why struggle on not really knowing if you are doing right or wrong. Find out once and for all and stop making mistakes that you will regret later on.