10 things you need to know about dog care

10 Things You Need To Know About Dog Care

1. If you can listen, they can talk!A dog is substantially cheaper than your car, but they tend to last longer. Spend the time to get to know your dog, understand and accept its moods and habits. You should have your pet for a long time and the time that you spend understanding him or her will be well rewarded. If you know your dog well, the first “off sign” can warn you when your dog is sickening for something.

2. Find an obedience programsuited for your dog. There is no single method to train all breeds of dog. all too often the dog is expected to bend to the technique, when the technique should benefit the dog. The purpose of training a dog is to enrich its life, it’s pointless bending a dog to your will by threats. The real point is to forge a real bond between you and your pet so that you both want to learn together. Find a class best to your dog, a trainer that takes on just about any dog is no use to man or beast.

3. Teach a dog to use its mouth appropriately. All dogs chew for fun, make sure that they have something appropriate to chew on. It is very cute for a puppy to chew a finger, but essentially you are training the dog that it is acceptable behavior to eat skin. Have two or three toys for a dog to chew on making sure they are robust enough but not to big for their mouths. A dog that has not been taught to chew properly may well eat an electric cable, it is for their safety as much as for your slippers!

4. Do not let your dog dominateyour life. All dogs are pack animals and they need to know who is boss. If you do not dominate your dog, then he will feel the need to dominate you. You are top dog and what you say goes, be firm and consistent and do not let your dog rule your life.

5. Amazingly dogs like a fairly stable routine. All dogs need a place to sleep that is their own and it should be in the same place. It is better to feed your dog at the same time each day.

6. Dogs should never eat between meals. Your dog will eat what you give him. As a loving dog owner your dog is part of the family, but you are not doing your dog any favors by feeding him from the table. A healthy diet for your dog means healthy dog treats, rich in health promoting minerals and vitamins, definitely not chocolate or potato chips! A healthy dog will live longer.

7. Keep your dogs confined in a safe place. If a dog is left alone and untethered in a garden or yard, they can react to stimuli, noise or another dog and attack other dogs or run into traffic. Their safety is in your hands. Be aware that there are over fifty plants toxic to dogs (Castor Bean seeds, Cherry Laurel, Dumb Cane, Oleander and many more)

8. Tagyour dog clearly. There is nothing at all you can do if pet thieves take your dog, but you can help if your dog is accidentally lost. Many local authorities put down lost dogs.

9. Make sure that you have adequate pet insurance, or can pay to see a vet when the need arises. All dogs will fall sick at some time. Deal with the eventuality sooner rather than later.

10. Never forget that your dog is your sole responsibility, he did not ask for you to choose him. His life, health and safety are literally in your hands.