Dog illness symptoms

When you recognized that your dog is having sign of illness symptoms then it is very important that you as their owner must take quick action to prevent further pain and suffering. Before you can give effective treatments to your dog, you must know exactly what the cause of the illness first. It is always better and more accurate to check your dog illness symptomswith your veterinarian than checking by yourself.

Here are a few initial signs of dog sickness that you can check and notice by yourself.

1) Behaviour Change

First sign of illness is having depression feeling, clear sign of anxiety, tired and fatigue easily, sleep often, shaking or trembling etc.

2) Change in Temperature, Heart and Respiratory Rate

Normal body temperature for new born little puppies is usually around 94 to 97 degree fahrenheit (34 to 36 degree celsius) while adult dog is 101 degree fahrenheit (38 degree celsius). For measuring method you must insert the thermometer into your puppies rectum. Dog body temperature can change by 2 to 3 degree if they are excited so you should keep your pet calm first before the measurement. If the result went over 105 degree fahrenheit (40 degree celsius) then you must take your dog to your local veterinarian as quick as possible because this is the initial signs of serious illness.

3) Sign of Pain

When your dog is hurt, having some kind of pain or injury, they will usually give a clue to their owner for example if your dog is having stomach pain then they will often look at the spot which cause pain and try to relieve the spot or area by licking, biting, scratching etc. They will usually stay in bed when they feel that they are having some kind of illness.

4) Other sign of dog illness symptoms

Vomiting, significant decrease or increase in weight, unwilling to eat food, drink less water, loss of appetite, change in skin color, hair drop, sign of burn, eye become red, blood in urine, bad mouth smell etc.

The dog illness symptoms mentions above is only initial signs to show that you dog is getting sick. You as their owner must spend most of your times staying with them to learn their normal behaviours so when they get sick you can easily notice by the change in their action and behaviours.