Dog drinking toilet water

Here is something that I think may help you with your dog in the future. The dreaded, drinking out of the toilet bowl habit. This is one of those things that if stopped early, will not be a problem ever after. Of course, if you want to have your dog drink from the toilet, then by all means ignore this advice.

The secret is to start from the very first day upon bringing your dog home. Here we go! You must be sure to have all the toilet seat covers in the down position. Not just the seat, but the cover. You may have to keep this going from anywhere from three to six months.

Then fill the water container or bowl you will have your dog drinking from in the future. Place the bowl in a spot that will be semi-permanent. Physically show the dog the water bowl (I have gone as far as gently pushing the nose of the dog into the water, just enough to show it to be wet. Do not plunge or talk to the dog in a harsh or loud ordering tone.) while saying something like, “this is your water” or simply “water”.

Once your dog realizes that his water source is only in one spot and is readily available at all times, he will not be looking for other sources, such as the toilet. I really like some sort of a self-filling water bowl. I had a small dog (24 lbs.) and had a gallon jug self-filling bowl that I only had to fill about once every five to seven days. My dog, if I ever forgot to fill the jug, would bat, paw or otherwise make a racket with the bowl until I noticed that is was time for a refill. She never once drank from my or anyone else’s toilet.

I hope that this will help those of you with a new dog and have not thought through some of the early things to train your pet to do or not to do. If you start early in dog training, many of the bad habits that some pets acquire, will not happen at all. So help yourself and enjoy your pet all the more. And be sure to see others pet training help and tips at .