Dog barking, the message behind the noise

Dogs use a wide range of noises to communicate their feelings about everything. If you have a vocal dog, check out these 10 types of barks to understand what your dog is trying to express.

1. Continuous, rapid barking or continuous slower barking: This is raising the alarm for possible trouble. Your dog is trying to alert the pack to a problem, like an intruder on their “territory” or an eminent attack.

2. Barking in rapid strings, usually three or four, with pauses: Something might be wrong, but your dog isn’t positive. He might also be a shy dog and not want to check it out by himself.

3. Incessant barking with long intervals between: You dog is lonely and looking for someone. This usually occurs when he’s been locked up for a long period of time or confined.

4. A sharp, short bark: This is a greeting or way of saying ‘hello.’

5. A sharp, short bark, low pitch: “Stop!” Your dog is annoyed and wants whatever is going on in his environment that is displeasing to cease.

6. A sharp, short bark, high pitch: This is your dog’s way of saying he’s found something surprising or startling. Repeated barking like this can me “come here.” For example, if your dog wants to go outside or wants you to check something out.

7. A yelp or high pitched bark: “Ouch!” Your dog is expressing pain, probably unexpected and startling.

8. Repeated yelping: Your dog is really hurting or really scared. This is stressful or painful barking.

9. High-pitched, urgent barking: Your dog is letting off steam. Something’s definitely bothering him and he’s trying to get someone’s attention. Try calming your dog or removing the source that’s upsetting him.

10. Bark-yelping: Your dog is engaged in a good game and having fun.