Dalmatian 101

One of the oldest purebreds, Dalmatians became prominent worldwide as a result of the 1956 101 Dalmatians novel by Dodie Smith. The subsequent animation by Walt Disney and the 1996 live action movie of the same title that featured real Dalmatian dogs, all have catapulted Dalmatian dogs as one of the best recognized breed around the globe. But that however didn’t spare Dalmatian dogs from irresponsible or less informed owners, giving the dogs sobriquets that are rather undeserved.

Dalmatian dogs are one of a kind; owners should say that, since Dalmatian dogs require a different listing of responsibilities than just any other dog. It is a traveler dog, for instance, and given free rein would roam the countryside for weeks until it gets hopelessly lost. So if you are considering adopting Dalmatian dogs, be schooled by these Dalmatian dogs fact before even considering adopting one into the household.

* Dalmatian dogs are purebred dogs, meaning it doesn’t have relations to any other breed of dogs and should not – as a responsible owner. That’s the reason why it is important to get Dalmatian dogs by pairs, that allows them to mate without mating with other breeds and tainting its bloodlines. The owner may also opt to go for splaying or neutering their Dalmatian dogs.

* A Dalmatian dog’s beauty is famed throughout the ages. In the middle ages, Dalmatian dogs are used to accompany carriages as a coach dog. One reason is obviously because they are attractive and easily can create attention. As a result, they are considered a royal dog breed in parts of medieval Europe, especially in England.

* A Dalmatian’s physique is well suited as a carriage dog; in fact a common moniker for Dalmatian dogs is Spotted Coach Dogs. Due to their deep, barrel chest, they have the stamina in keeping pace with a team of horses and carriage. Dalmatian dogs use is also spread in other horse drawn areas, such as fire engines (as old fire engines are horse drawn). They are also known as firehouse dogs, as rescue dogs trained to locate trapped individuals in a burning structure and guide them out.

From the information, what every Dalmatian dogs needs aside from high protein intake are lots of opportunities for exercise. Being an energetic breed, frequent runs should be made available, and with plenty of room to run around. That means, on the absence of a substantial lawn, a walk to the park is one of a regular Dalmatian itinerary.