5 ways to find good dog shows

These beautiful creatures occupy a very special place in our hearts. In addition to providing us with companionship, love, protection and amusement. These constant companions are even able to work right along with us and always striving to make our lives better. In our home, our offices and even our hospitals, pet dogs have taken our hears and improved our longevity. They are no longer confined to a dog house in the back yard but rather take up prime real estate in our houses as well. Heck, most of them sleep in our beds. We even dress them up with adorable clothes to keep them warm or to make them pretty. We put them on diets and even provide holistic treatments for them as well. But how did our loyal companions become what we know and love today? The current version of today’s dog can be traced back to around for about 40 million years ago and has its roots in an animal called the Miacis who thrived during the Euocece epoch.Then as they evolved and throughout the rest of history, dogs were bred primarily to help with hunting, protecting, tracking and herding other animals. It wasnt until the recent nineteenth century that dogs were appreciated for their beauty and individual characteristics.

As times changed and dogs were not views as mere workers, people began to view dogs in a different way and actually started breeding them as companions rather than workers. Eventually having a breed that had a consistent physical appearance became an important element for each new breed.

So now you think you have found the perfect specimen for your dog’s breed. He has the right length, weight, colors, etc. and you are interested in competing in a dog show! Well not you, but your pooch. But you are not sure where to start? Here are a few ways to find some reputable dog shows and get started.

Since most dog shows are handled by professionally licensed superintendents, who are hired by kennel clubs, you can locate one of these easily online. Just search for Jack Onofrio Dog Shows, Jim Rau, or Ray Jones.

Next, you can consult your local dog magazine listings in publications such as Dog World and Dog Fancy and other training magazines such as Front and Finish and Off-Lead.

Another idea is to check local event listings in newspapers and penny-saver publications for dog shows around town.

You can also ask your local kennel club, breed club or dog trainer and they are sure to be able to give you some good tips on where to get started finding a reputable dog show.

Another idea is to contact manufacturers of dog products such as dog beds, dog feeders, dog food etc, and ask them whether they publish any monthly events calendars that you can locate online or at a pet store.

So, good luck starting off your pooch on the road of success and keep in mind – he will still be your best friend even if he becomes a big celebrity star.