My dog hates other dogs … what’s the cause?

My dog hates other dogs … what’s the cause?

Here are all the reasons why your dog acts like a maniac when it sees other dogs:

  • Your foundation is weak. Your dog doesn’t always listen to you completely in the front yard, let alone in front of other dogs that acts playful or aggressive.
  • You do not have the right technique. It takes more than just the right attitude.
  • Your dog is dying to play and interact with other dogs, but doesn’t know HOW.
  • You have a poor attitude toward certain breeds of dogs and your dog senses it.
  • Your timing is wrong. This applies in everything you do.
  • You are not using the right training tool.
  • You might have the right training tool, but it is the wrong size, brand, or you are
  • using it incorrectly. It’s like owning a car. You have to know how to drive.
  • It is YOU who is more afraid of other dogs and your dog acts upon it, or at least tries to act tough, to scare other dogs and bluff his way through.
  • You never thought socializing your dog was really important or even possible.
  • You have been avoiding any dog you came across, by changing routes on your walks, and now your dog doesn’t exactly know how to act around strange dogs.
  • – Your dog USED to be dog-friendly, but you lacked off in having it involved with dog activities, daily walks, or being involved with other dogs from friends and relatives.

One of the biggest mistakes dog owners make is they assume: If their pooch loves strange dogs, that it will remain dog-friendly. Some will, but most WON’T. You certainly don’t want to have a loaded gun or a ticking time-bomb going off on you next time you’re taking your dog to the vet, on walks, by the river or in dog parks.

It is not fair for you and your dog to respond perfectly in front of ten dogs, and around new surroundings, when he doesn’t even listen to you perfectly at home. Think of your dog’s training, as building a house. If you have no foundation or a weak foundation, it will soon collapse. I’m sure you’ll agree that you need to build a solid foundation PRIOR ever building anything. Now, you might think you have a good foundation with your dog’s training ability. But remember, it takes more than just guesswork.

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