Chihuahua dogs ferocious, smart and lovable

Chihuahua dogs trace their ancestors to the Aztec civilizations in Central America and Mexico. The Chihuahua is the smallest dog breed in the world. It is named after the Chihuahua State in Mexico. Current historical thought says the Chihuahua, like the horse, was brought to Mexico by settlers from Spain. They may have come through trade routes from China. Other theories claim the Chihuahua came from Egypt. So, the origination is kept secret for lack of documentation.


One of the first aspect of the Chihuahua dog that you see is its very large eyes and large, erect ears. There are two varieties recognized by the AKC (American Kennel Club): the long-coat and the smooth coat. The breed standards include the weight of the dog but not the height which usually runs from six to ten inches. AKC show Chihuahuas cannot weigh more than six pounds (2.7 kg), though ideally the judges will be looking for a dog between 3-6 pounds. The American Kennel Club registered the first Chihuahua 1904.

Pet chihuahua standards vary greatly. I live with my two dear chihuahuas, Tiki and Butch. Tiki weighs about 6 pounds but Butch’s fighting weight is about 12 pounds. Pictures of both are above. Both are pure bred. Butch’s lineage is very strong evidenced by his strutting walk and markings. Chihuahuas come in a large variety of colors. Some are solid black or white while others have chocolate, silver, merle and other color tones.


The Chihuahua does not recognize its own size. It can be a ferocious opponent and it has been known to scare many burglars, postmen, other large dogs and just about anyone walking down your road. The Chihuahua is known as one of the “yappiest” breeds. It’s bark can be both aggravating and life saving. The Chihuahua’s small size makes it an ideal dog for people who live in apartments. They are not particularly well-suited for small children due to their temperament and their tendency to bite when frightened. A Chihuahua will often focus its attention on one person and it will become very jealous of other humans who are friends of its master.

Selecting a Chihuahua to live with you is an important step and should not be taken lightly. Do you want an adult or a puppy? Do you want need top lineage or are your more interested in a friendly pet? The size of the Chihuahua makes it a perfect apartment companion. Of course you want to be sure you’ve made the right preparations for a New Chihuahua.

Important Considerations to consider before you bring home your chihuahua puppy:




Dental Care

Choosing A Responsible Breeder



Once your Chihuahua settles in at your home you will be very happy to have him or her as your friend and companion for life.