Can a raw food diet for dogs be harmful

Many dog owners wonder if a raw food diet for dogs is safe. First, let’s remind ourselves that dogs in the wild eat raw food. You may wonder why dogs in the wild don’t live as long as domesticated dogs. This, it is believed, has more to do with the competition for survival in the wild. Without that competition, dogs in the wild would likely live a lot longer.

Another factor when considering a raw food diet for dogs is the lack of chronic disease in wild animals. Researchers rarely find wild animals with heart conditions, diabetes, allergies or arthritis. This leads us to believe that the better food and more exercises that dogs in the wild get is responsible for their superior health. They only die younger because of competition for food and territory.

Therefore, such a diet for dogs is indeed an ideal solution for your pet. However, we don’t see any problem with cooking meals for your dog. As long as the ingredients are fresh, the only difference between raw and cooked foods is that cooking can reduce the nutrient value of the food, but not by a whole lot.

If you are looking for organic food to feed your dog, remember that loop holes in the law make it possible for human and pet food companies to put the organic label on food that wouldn’t be considered organic by most acceptable definitions.

How Is A Raw Food Diet For Dogs Better?

A number of people who have used a raw food diet for dogs have observed some promising results in their pets. First of all, the nasty bad breath disappears. Bad breath originates in the stomach and intestine. Humans with bad breath also see an improvement after improving their diets. Likewise, skin and hair became shinier, allergy symptoms decreased or disappeared and stools looked more normal.

Foods In A Healthy Raw Food Diet For Dogs

What kinds of raw foods should you feed your dog? Almost any kind of meat is appropriate for your dog. Also, dogs are more resistant to bacteria and therefore can handle raw meats. Of course then do this in the wild. Do not feed your dog poultry or fowl bones. These bones can splinter and do damage to the stomach and intestine. Beef bones are safe, but cooked beef bones are not. They can also splinter.

A Raw Food Diet For Dogs Can Be Harmful

Any diet for dogs MUST also include vegetables, fruits and whole grain. A dog cannot live on protein alone. Vitamins and minerals found in fruits and vegetables are essential to your dog’s health. Try various fruits and vegetables are record which ones your dog likes. If you find he or she does not take to them, try and mix them in with the meat. If that still does not work, then you could try cooking meals that contain meat and vegetables.

If your dog still doesn’t eat the fruits and vegetables, then you are going to need to supplement with a good commercial dog food that doesn’t contain meat by-products and corn. Look for products with actual meat and whole grains.

Cooked meats are just as good as a raw food diet for dogs. The harm that commercial dog food does to our pets is a result of it being overly processed, not because it is cooked. Good fresh ingredients prepared on the stove are just as good as raw food. They just won’t contain the full amount of vitamins and minerals as raw food, but still a sufficient amount to promote good health.

Puppies can also eat a raw food diet for dogs. Puppies, however, don’t do as well with bones as adult dogs do. A raw diet for dogs is now seen as a viable option for insuring the health of your pet. Ever since the dog food recalls of 2007, raw or homemade dog food diets have become a popular replacement to commercial dog food.