Choosing the right dog for your home

You’ve either decided that your household is incomplete, or that you need a non-human companion in your home. You’re about to shop for a puppy, but it suddenly dawns on you that either you have never had a dog before, or it’s been so long since you’ve been around one that you just don’t remember much about the experience. A question has just hit you right between the eyes. How do I go about choosing the right dog for my home? There is a lot for you to consider, but the basics tell you to perform a little due diligence and do some research into the different breeds that are out there.

The first thing that you have to be aware of is that everybody is different — as different as all the breeds of dogs that are out there. I have always recommended to decide on the size of the dog before deciding on the breed. You need to figure out the type of owner you are. Do you spend more time outside or inside when you’re at home? Do you want a dog that can keep up with your activity level, or one that calmly goes for daily walks with you? Do you want a lap dog, or one that gives you peace of mind that no one will mess with your home and its contents if you are away? I could fill pages with the types of questions you need to be answering when deciding on the breed you want.

Normally, when it comes to choosing the right dog for your home, what it normally comes down to is matching your personality characteristics with the dog’s. Here is a list of suggestions to base your decision on.

1) Coat type — long-hair or short-hair

2) Exercise needs — can you handle a hyperactive breed or one that is mellow

3) Noise factors — the barking issue couple with high the dog reacts to sounds in the surrounding neighborhood

4) Potential health problems — definitely read about the breed you are thinking of getting; you may even want to consult a veterinarian, also

5) Size — characteristically, dogs come in four size ranges — small, medium, large, and “Oh my God! That’s not a dog — that’s a horse!!!”

6) Temperament — definitely research this by reading and consulting a vet

7) Training issues — if you’re going to train the dog, you’re going to want to select a breed that is easily trainable; not to be harsh, but there are breeds that are smarter than others

8) Yards and gardens — if landscaping is your thing and you value your lawn and all those beautiful flowers that you spent lots of money on and toiled away planting, you definitely want to avoid a “digger”

When it comes to choosing the right dog for your home, there are numerous considerations, but these by far are the primary ones. And not to be rude, but take your age range into consideration. Remember that the older a person gets, the less tolerant they are of events in their surroundings. As you get older, patience gets thinner.