Choosing the right vet for your great dane

Despite your best effort in caring for your Great Dane, chances of vet visits always exist. Sickness isn’t the only reason why you should take your pet to a veterinarian. Vaccination is important to prevent your dog from contracting various diseases. And who do you think you need to see when your Great Dane has to be vaccinated? Definitely you will not entrust your dog’s health to anybody else but to your trusted vet right?

Choosing a veterinarian is as important as choosing the right breed that suits your lifestyle. It is just like choosing your physician or dentist. In choosing, there are two most important factors to consider- you and your pet. Choose the one whose personality you like, the one you’re comfortable to talk to and discuss any matter you may have.

Here are some things to consider in your quest for Fido’s health warden:


Although there are different types of veterinary practices, all vets are naturally qualified to treat and have some knowledge of different kinds of animals. However, because of personal interest and experience, one is more familiar in an area where he is interested at. For your Great Dane, naturally you will consider the vet who is interested in giant breed dogs than the one interested in toy breeds and cats.


It is important that the clinic should be fairly close to your home, especially in case of emergency or if you need to make multiple visits for treatments. Think also about the accessibility in terms of transportation especially if you do not have a car.


Ask your vet to give you an expected estimate of the cost of procedures, vaccinations, medications and even follow-up visits. Prices vary between different surgeries or procedures, so it is better to ask about this. Remember also to ask about pet insurance if your pet is insured or if you are planning to get one for your pet.


It is better if the dog is familiar with the vet. One way of getting your dog familiar with the vet is to take him in the clinic for friendly visits. Once your dog and the vet has established a friendship, any veterinary procedure or treatment will be easier.

One more thing to remember, do not be afraid to ask questions. Ask about what you do not understand or anything you want to know. You may also want to ask some friends for opinion. It might help.