Boston terrier dogs, the american gentlemen

Boston terriers have become known as the American gentlemen of dogs, and it is little wonder than the Boston terrier breed has earned this honorable nickname. These dogs are gentle, sociable, loving, dedicated, have strength of character, are noble, and are very loyal.

This gentle, loving breed gets along with people as well as other animals, and thrives on interaction with others. These dogs make wonderful pets, and whether you live alone or have a large family your terrier will quickly become a valuable member of the household.

Before you get a Boston puppy you should make sure that you familiarize yourself with the breed and obtain some Boston terrier information. This will help to ensure that you integrate the pup into the household effectively, and will help to ensure that you are familiar with how to care for these dogs to ensure good health and happiness.

A well looked after and well socialized Boston makes a delightful pet, and you will thrilled to have him as part of the household. The Boston terrier makes an excellent family pet as well as a wonderful pet for those that live along – although you should bear in mind that they do thrive on interaction with humans so be sure to give them lots of attention.

Boston terrier dogs are pretty easy to look after, as they require little in the way of grooming because of their short, sleek coats. However, it is best to do a quick regular check to ensure that your dog is not suffering from any infection or injury.

The ears and eyes are very important – the Boston terrier has protruding eyes, and this means that these dogs can be prone to eye infections so you need to keep a check on this. These dogs are well built and sturdy but can put on weight easily, so avoid too many treats otherwise you could find that your dog start to get a little portly!

Some people get their Boston terrier dogs as puppies, but others get them when they are a little older, sometimes from rescue centers and the like. Remember that whilst these dogs are very sweet natured the personality and temperament can change from dog to dog, and if you have had your dog from a rescue center you may find that he needs that little extra in terms of love, attention, dedicate, and time in order to bring him out of himself and get him settled in.

Be patient with your Boston, and put in the time that is needed to help him become a well adjusted member of the family, as you will be delighted in the long run when you find yourself with the perfect pet.

Whilst these terriers have had a rather turbulent history, they are now highly popular as household pets in many countries, which is not surprising given their wonderful nature. If you get your dog as a puppy you should ensure that you go through a reputable breeder, although you should never rule out a rescue dog, as they can also make wonderful pets.