Grooming tips for chow chows

Grooming an important part of your chow chows health. Start grooming your dog as soon as you take him home and don’t worry even if he is as young as eight weeks. Chow Chows may encounter many types of diseases if they are not groomed properly.

Basically grooming activities consists of maintenance of coat, nails and ears. The maintenance of the coat mainly consists of enrichment measures like proper bathing, combing, drying of skin by dryers, and more. Dog need not be bathed daily and this helps to protect the skin’s characteristics like insulation feature. Normally chow chows are bathed once a week. Use conditioners and shampoos that are meant for dogs, brands like Tomlyn, Bio-Groom, etc are good products.

Combing needs to be carried out with a soft brush meant for use in case of dogs. There are varieties of brushes available and depending on the type of breeds, one can use the concerned brush. This grooming of the coat by a comb needs to be carried out daily and the fallen hair if any needs to be placed in dust bin always. Otherwise, when the dog owners switch on the fan, the hair will fly and may enter the nostrils of persons. Use wire slicker brush that has teeth slightly bent so that it can clean chow chows coat and removes scales. Get a fine-toothed comb with a handle for the legs, feet, and face, removing shedding and dead hair. Finally you need a well balanced grooming shared about 7″ long. Maintain it well so that it remains sharp and has a good balance.

Always don’t clip too much your chow chows because this may lead to injuries of nail always. Similarly, you need to carry all the materials required for the clipping with you before the start of the procedure. Use a sharp nail clipper designed for use in case of dogs, called “Quik Stop”. Live nail areas can be easily clipped away and are always light colored than the reddish area of the nail in the higher position. During the holding of your dog’s feet by you, always have a firm grip. If not, the dog will take an upper hand during the clipping and some injury may occur.

Ear canals are to be checked up frequently and sterile cotton may be used for cleaning purposes. You’ll have better control of your chow chows table by choosing surface grooming table with non slip.