The adorable little pug

If your after a cute and easy-to-carry lap dog, you’ll probably dig a Pug. It’s a breed of boxy and small dogs; one of the smallest there is. It’s playful, affectionate, cheerful, sometimes a little difficult to handle, but that’s what makes this pooch so lovable. Very pleasing personality and loyal to its master. This dog is safe to have around kids because of its small size and friendly nature. Pugs weigh an average of 13 to 20 pounds, and stand at about 10-14 inches, so you won’t be worrying much when it’s left alone with your kid. It’s built somewhat like a square; has a stubby look to it.

It has straight and short legs – pretty strong for the its size though. This dogs fur is silky and short, often coming in the colors black, silver, cream, and apricot. It has a saggy face resembling a shrunken old man. Most women find this attractive (in a dog) and it would make an ideal pet for them. This breed has been around for centuries. It has its taste of royalty; sitting on the laps of Chinese Emperors and Some European Kings and Queens as well. They loved their Pugs so much that they even had formal clothes tailored for them.

They were made to wear them during celebrations or other occasions. Pet owners around the world can’t resist getting themselves this adorable pet. Raising this kind of dog will need a lot of love and patience. It demands attention; seeing you spending more time with other people or pets will make it jealous. Setting aside enough time for it everyday will be a need. Training a Pug doesn’t need rough stuff. You have to be gentle with this pooch. Using a loud tone of voice is very much NOT needed. This dog has good hearing. It learns pretty fast even though it has a small head.

It is an intelligent pet, so you don’t have to keep on repeating the same things you’ve been trying to teach it over and over again. It doesn’t like doing repetitive activities; so try adding variations to your sessions to keep it interested. Boring the pet can make it stubborn. For a dog this small, it packs a lot of strength and energy. It loves outdoor activities. If you have nobody to jog with, you can make it your jogging buddy. Please jog at a rate in which it will be able to keep up with you. Its short legs can’t make it go very fast so be considerate.

You will know when it has had enough exercise if it starts wheezing. When that happens, it’s time to carry it home. Though it enjoys outdoor activities, its structure is built for indoor life. Keep this dog inside – it has poor resistance to cold and hot weather. A little box or basket will serve as a good spot for it to rest. Grooming this dog is easy. There isn’t much fur, but it’ll still need brushing and baths when needed. After bathing it should be dried immediately with a towel to help prevent it from catching a cold. It is small and doesn’t eat much; therefore the pets meals should contain enough nutrients to get it through the day.

Taking care of a Pug isn’t a hard at all. It will make a fine pet for all types of people.