Baby chihuahuas, the 4 things you must do

BaYour baby Chihuahuas are coming home and the least you could do is to prepare for it. Just like how you would welcome a newborn baby, the baby Chihuahuas deserves the same kind of attention too. It is necessary for you to get your family members prepared in welcoming the new Chihuahuas so that they are able to feel comfortable in their new home. Here are the 4 things you must do to give your new family members a warm welcome.

#1 Check out for high surfaces that might injure the baby Chihuahua as it will get more adventurous as time flies by. Just like other animals, Chihuahuas love to explore the house. It likes to perch on high places while surveying its surroundings. As the baby Chihuahua is very fragile, it will be severely injured when it jumps off high places. So, ensure that you make the home safe for the baby Chihuahua.

You can do so by making a ramp that leads to its favorite lookouts or nesting spots.

Shift your furniture such that the Chihuahua is not able to access the dangerous places. It is better to restrict him from entering certain areas so that you are able to keep him under your nose and he will less likely be injured.

Do this while he is still a baby, so that you would not have problems later.

#2 Toys are a must for the baby. Head to any pet shop and you will be treated to endless doggy toys. Most toys are suitable for all breeds of dog. Stuffed animals and fleece-type toys are just some of the more popular toys for your baby Chihuahua.

Just remember to check that no part of the toy can be pulled out or swallowed.

If you catch your baby Chihuahua chewing on your sofa, then you are most likely to be blamed. Chew bones are dogs’ personal favorite and every dog should have one. It is just like the teething ring for babies. Some chewing exercise won’t hurt, will it?

#3 Water and food bowls would also need to be chosen carefully. As a guide, try to avoid plastic bowls, which can cause allergic reactions on your baby Chihuahua. It is best that you use one that is made of stainless steel. You can also choose to use a water bottle to store clean water.

Food wise, try to make the pup eat the same kind of food as it is currently eating. Do take note of the different kind of foods that are available at different stage of growth. If you are unsure, do check it out with the pet store or vet for the recommended list of foods. If you wish to change your pup’s food, than try to do it gradually.

#4 Accessorize your pup. You can get soft buckle collar, lightweight leash or cat collars for your pup. You can include necklace pearl or fancy charms that can help to add a little bit of funk to your pup’s clothes. Do remember to include clothes too. Clothes are the most essential part when it comes to dressing your pup up. If your puppy is a short hair Chihuahua, than make sure that you prepare his winter wear. Sweaters and coats are a must when it gets colder. You can dress your pup with stylish lightweight shirts when it’s time for summer.

Enjoy your new pup!