Are you ready to adopt a labrador retriever

On one of your amazing adventures on the web, you happen to reach a site about Labrador Retriever. It contains information on how nice and gentle and intelligent these dogs are. And then you see a picture of a dog for adoption. You fell in love with this beautiful and pitiful Labrador Retriever and the next thing you know, you’re hitting the ‘adopt this dog’ button.

But a dog’s look should not be the only basis of adoption. There are still other important factors to consider before adopting a Labrador Retriever. First and foremost, ask yourself if you really want a pet. Having a four-legged as a new member of the family is not a simple matter. Your family may not be prepared for this. Talk to them and ask their opinion regarding this matter. Consider the age of your family members especially the children. Are they old enough to live with a pet? Despite this breed’s good reputation with children, it is always important to take necessary precaution.

Having a pet also requires time, patience, effort as well as tolerance. It is your responsibility to feed, to groom and to take your pet for a walk. How are you going to do all these if your time is only enough for work, taking care of the children, spending time with friends or reading your favorite book? You may also want to tolerate some damage to the shoes, clothing and furniture. You must understand that the dog is still under period of adjustment and is going through separation anxiety.

Adopting a dog may not be as costly as getting a new puppy since most abandoned dogs are already vaccinated, spayed or neutered as well as housetrained by the previous owner. But you should still think of the future expenses- regular veterinary care, grooming, foods, bowls for food and water, toys and other supplies. You also have to prepare yourself for the occurrence of problems such as flea infestations and other health problems. Some of these health problems may need veterinary treatment and could cause veterinary bills to rise quickly.

Take note that, not all abandoned dogs are problematic or stray dogs. They are often turned into the shelter by previous owners for many reasons. Mostly the reasons are, they cannot afford to provide what the dog needs or they don’t just have the time to do their responsibilities to their dogs. Adopting a dog means you are helping one little soul as well as helping the community by providing one vacant space in the shelter for another poor abandoned dog.