Bringing that sweetest little puppy home

The cutest dog you must have seen is not of any certain breed and if you think hard enough you’ll find that the cutest and prettiest of dogs are not actually dogs; they are puppies.

There is nothing quite as cut as a little doggy. He jumps around like a furry tennis ball. Energetic, bubbly and happy, it ever seems so pleased, so unbothered and so unperturbed by the worries of life and living. A ball of happy innocence. What else do you need to relax after a hectic day of work. No massage in the world can relax you as completely as the very sight of little doggy. And if you have kids, nothing like it. They make the best picture together- little ones playing together.

So far as training is concerned, puppies are best pupils because they learn quickly and without their personal prejudices. Now if you are ready to get a puppy for yourself you may rush to the nearby pet store to check if they have anything that catches your fancy. It is best to bring in a puppy in the morning so that it gets enough time to get used to its surroundings before it’s bedtime.

Do not leave the puppy alone for long durations immediately after having brought him home. The little one should not be left alone at home from day two because it is likely to sadden him a lot. The fellow would miss its companions a lot after being separated from them. So, make sure that someone is there to take care of it when you are not around.

These little things have a simple life, especially those who have just weaned. All they do is eat-sleep-play, eat-sleep-play. Nothing else. Take care that you have his little sleeping bed ready when he feels tired because the fellow is likely to stretch right there where it feels tired. Cuddle it and take it to his bed and lay him there. Eventually, he will get into the habit of coming around to sleep where he wakes up regularly.

Feeding is important too because they are frequent eaters in the beginning. A 12 week old puppy eats four times a day. When it is 12 weeks to 6 months old, you may reduce it to 3 times a day. Between six months and one year of age, it would be happy with one meal a day, of course depending upon the overall size and weight of it.

And don’t forget the puppies are much like children. Scold them gently and praise them profusely. That’s the best way to train them.