Acupuncture for dogs

Acupuncture used to be a little known medical treatment only known in the east. Today it is a well known treatment in both eastern and western societies. It is gaining popularity among the medical profession as a healing art with little to no negative side effects. Acupuncture can be used to prevent or aid in healing of illness, for reduction of pain, and can be used in conjunction with other forms of medicine and treatment. Acupuncture helps the body by stimulating essential nervous energy and increase blood flow and lymph flow within the body. Canine acupuncture is a fast growing alternative in western societies for treatment of dog related illnesses.

It is rumored that before acupuncture was discovered by observing how lame animals and war horses recovered after certain parts of their bodies were punctured or injured. Therefore, acupunctures’ main role is to stimulate healing, fast recovery, and increasing the strength of the body’s immune system. The treatment consists of inserting extremely fine needles into specified areas of the body to stimulate nerves and increase overall blood flow. Regular treatment of acupuncture is essential to help balance the body’s internal energy flow and communication cycles.

When using this treatment on dogs they may become a little uncomfortable initially. After the needles are inserted and the dog realizes it is okay, they may become quite relaxed and even may fall asleep. The number of needles used and the techniques has a lot to do with the dog’s medical history, case history, and duration of treatments. Treatments can last from 30 seconds to half an hour. The treatments also vary according to the illness being worked on and the patient’s tolerance level. Sometimes six sessions are needed, other times one or two may work. The trained professional will use their judgment in how many treatment the dog needs, how far to space them, and if the dog may need continual treatments for other issues.

Illnesses that may need to be treated with acupuncture include physical or emotional issues the dog may be facing. The most popular treatments may include weight control, weight management, depression, hypertension, gastrointestinal disorders, relaxation treatments (for travel), paralysis, allergies, pain, arthritis, musculoskeletal problems, respiratory problems, reproductive issues, hormonal problems, and skin problems. The treatments may be once or more than once and may require one to two needles, or a whole package of sterilized needles.

The effects of the treatments may last several days, or several hours and the dogs may remain in a relaxed state for longer periods of time. After a few treatments these effects will gradually last longer and longer until the dog’s illness is under control or eliminated. Over time, the dog will be more active and improve the dog’s reaction to outside stimuli.

The widely growing trend toward acupuncture for pets, such as dogs, is a fast growing market for veterinarians and other pet health aids in the industry. Dog owners are increasingly beginning to rely on acupuncture to aid their pet’s health and emotional issues. More and more people are beginning to accept the therapeutic benefits of canine acupuncture to maintain or achieve pet health. Just as in human health, pet health can be greatly improved by acupuncture.