All the amazing secrets about pomeranians

The Pomeranian is one of the most lovable toy dogs on the planet and have become hugely popular in America. The Pomeranian belongs to the family of dogs known as the Spitz who were first bred in the Pomerania region of Germany. This article will discuss everything there is to know about the Pomeranian so you can get to know this wonderful breed of dog more intimately.

The Origin of The Pomeranian

Believe it or not the Pomeranian actually originated from the sled dogs of Iceland. These dogs were eventually brought into Germany. Of course they were much larger dogs back then and were often used for work purposes like most animals in that day.

So when did the Pomeranian start taking the shape of the dogs we know so well today. Well, it was Queen Charlotte who first brought the Pomeranian into England and through trial and error, English breeders were able to bring this 20 pound dog down to the size of a healthy toy dog. It wasn’t until the 19th century that the Pomeranian was first declared a modern breed of dog.

The Appearance of The Pomeranian

The average size of a typical Pomeranian is around 3 to 7lbs. The face of a Pomeranian closely resembles a fox, with a typical pointy snout and cat-like ears. Their tails are generally thick coated and usually only become this way once they reach maturity. The coat is orange with shades of black, white and grey. There are different types of Pomeranians such as the black and white Pomeranian whose color, like its name is only black and white in appearance.


The Pomeranian is a very active dog that enjoys a lot of action. This comes from the days when they were first used as sled dogs when being fit and active was highly necessary. As you might also suspect, they are very loyal and are one of the best companion dogs around. Due to their tiny framed bodies, they are usually not the best dogs to have with small children. There is a possibility when playing too hard with a Pomeranian, may cause it to snap and bite on occasions. Because of this many people like to compare them to the Chihuahua, but the only time a Pomeranian will become aggressive is when it feels it is being threatened. They are generally friendly dogs that enjoy as much play as possible as long as it doesn’t become too rough!