Akc dog breeds, guide to getting a recognized breed

hop for any dog and you will soon see the acronym “AKC Dog Breed” used over and over again. What does “AKC” mean? The AKC is the American Kennel Club, which is the registry for all purebred puppies in the United States.

This club holds obedience competitions and dog shows, maintains dog standards and registers puppies of AKC-recognized breeds. In other words, it is the standard by which all dogs live to qualify as a purebred breed. There are over 100 different dog breeds registered with the AKC.

You do, however, need documentation from both the puppies parents In order to register the puppy. Purebred litters are registered shortly after the puppies are born. When they are eight weeks old, the breeder receives a registration application to enter each puppy into the AKC registration. New owners can decide to register their puppies by sending in applications to the AKC for a bona fide acknowledgment.

There are eight different types of AKC dog breeds, including the Hound Group, the Sporting Group, the Working Group, the Non-Working Group, the Toy Group and the Terrier Group. Each dog competes within their group and within its breed during competitions.

Dogs that have a natural affinity to chase other animals and work as superb hunters are placed in the Hound Group. Some can be fastidious and measured or hasty and eager like the Greyhound.

Moving on, the Sporting Group refers to hard-working dogs that are energetic. They need to expend their energy through exercise and can spend hours happily fetching and spotting objects for their masters. The Golden Retriever and Cocker Spaniel are dogs belonging to the Sporting Group.

The Working Group is breeds such as the Doberman Pinschers or Rottweilers. They are highly concerned with protecting their home and family. They tend to be strong and full of spirit, with a innate desire to safeguard and keep watch.

There is also the Non-Working Group, which is a category for dogs that do not belong to the other groups. Everything from the Standard Poodle to the Boston Terrier belong to this group.

As the name suggests, the Toy Group features dogs that are smaller in size, such as the Miniature Pinscher.

Last but not least, Yorkies and Scottish Terriers, like other dogs that have the innate desire to hunt mice are categorized under the Terrier Group.

There is yet another group called the Miscellaneous Group which is where the AKC puts new breeds that are still establishing themselves in the registry. Although AKC is the most well-known club in USA, there are other clubs like the United Kennel Club, the American Canine Association, the Canine Kennel Club and the North American Purebred Dog Registry.

For any dogs born outside the United States that wish to be considered in the AKC, they owner can apply and allow the AKC to consider their application. For instance, Australian dogs are accredited in the Victorian Canine Association while Canadian dog owners need to register their dog under the Canadian Kennel Club.