4 essentials commands for dog owners

Most of us don’t like to set too many limits for our beloved pets, but if you want your pet to grow up with some kind of manners, you better start setting some basic guidelines. Your dog will thank you for it latter.

Some things that may seem cute to us at the moment, like jumping up on you for that long awaited after work greeting, can be carried on to times when it is most undesirable. For example let say you have invited some friends over, and once they arrive your dog turns from being relaxed to a energetic ball of madness that cant seem to keep his paws off of your guests. To prevent these things from happening, you should start training your dog as soon as possible.

Make sure your training sessions are short and upbeat. Don’t let your dog become bored, so take breaks often. Also positive reinforcement works best when praising your dog, so make sure to give him lots of treats and pet him often(when he dose the right thing of course). If he makes a mistake, or doesn’t do what you want him to, don’t punish him. What you want to do is ignore this mistake and try try again.

“Sit” command

Some of the most basic commands every dog owner should teach there dogs is sit, come , down, and drop. Perhaps the easiest of the four is the command sit. To teach him this try standing in front of your dog with a treat in one hand. Say sit then very slowly raise the treat up then out. Your dog should lift his head to follow the treat, while his behind drops to the ground. As soon as he is sitting, give him the treat and praise him. Make sure to stick with this technique. Before you know it your dog will sit on command alone.

“Come” command

The “come” command is simple, but it will take a bit more of your time and patience. to teach this command, Start very simply by calling him by name with the “come” command and add a excited tone with it. Once he gets to you, give him the treat and praise him. Continue to do this everyday, and you will see that your dog will begin to understand what the command “come” means.

“Down” command

If you don’t want your dog jumping up on people, (like in the example above) the “down” command is probable your best answer. Start by having your dog in the sit position. Show him the treat that you have, then slowly lower it to the ground. Now he might be in the down position already, if not then progressively move the treat further away in tell he slumps to the ground. Remember to accompany this action with the command.

“Drop” command

The “drop” command will come in use when your dog has something that you don’t want him to have. Start by playing a simple game a fetch using two of whatever (Frisbees, balls…etc). Take your first toy and throw it letting your dog chase it. when he brings it back show him that you have another toy, playfully teasing him with it. At this point, say the command “drop it”. Your dog will more than likely want the second toy you have and will drop the first one. When he dose, throw the second toy and start the whole process again.

These are just some of the many usefull commands you can teach your dog. Just a little bit of obedience training whether it be training on jumping, barking, biting, or any other behaviors, can go a long way toward sharpening your dogs manners.