4th of july safety tips for pets

Summer has officially started and it’s time for fun family outings, picnics in the park and hiking and biking the trails. For many of us, our canine companions enjoy participating in all these fun activities. But, unfortunately not all our pets enjoy all the festivities as much as we do.

The 4th of July can be especially distressing and scary for some dogs (and cats too). If your pet experience stress to the loud booming noises of fireworks here are a few tips that can help keep them safe and happy.

July 4th Don’ts:

Do not take your dog to fireworks displays. Even if your dog isn’t normally afraid of loud noises, the intense booms of fireworks and all the ooohs and ahhh’s can make any dog a little (or a lot) tense.

Don’t leave your dog in your car. Even with the windows partially open hot humid summer evenings can still pose a risk to your dog. And, cracked windows can be an invitation for your dog to escape placing them at risk for getting injured and lost in its panic to get away.

Don’t leave your dog outside in a fenced yard or chained up. Every year dogs escape by jumping fences or digging under them. Scared panicked dogs are at greater risk of getting lost, injured or even worse killed by being hit by a car. Chains can also get tangled and injure a dog that is desperately trying to get away.

July 4th Do’s:

Do make sure you keep your pets indoors in a safe and secure room. Make sure to remove any items that could be harmful like ropes, cords or anything that could be harmful if chewed or ingested.

Do make sure your dog and cat is wearing up to date identification. In addition, make sure your microchip company has the correct contact information on file. Also, keep pictures of your pets handy in case of an escape. Each year Shelters and Animal Control facilities see their share of pets, lost and frightened from fireworks. Having the proper id on your pets helps ensure their speedy return.

Do make sure they are surrounded by familiar items like their bed, blanket and their favorite toys.

Turn the radio or television on at normal levels to mimic typical household sounds. This can help keep your dog company while you’re at the neighborhood barbeque, picnic or parade.

Keep blinds and drapes closed to help give them a more sheltered feeling.

If your pet has extreme anxiety consider using a safe calming supplement or spray. Many natural plants and herbs promote a sense of calm and relaxation in animals as well as people. Never use any drugs or medications with your pet without consulting your veterinarian.

The following products may help your pet endure this holiday’s festivities in a more peaceful manner:

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