A dog for all!

Dogs have been around for as long as man can remember. And for many of us that’s a good thing because our lives have been made that much richer. There seems to be a breed to suit just about anybody. Good job because some of us are hard to please.

Obviously it depends where you live as to just what dog you can have. It’s no good owning a great big dog like the mighty St Bernard if you live in a flat on the 5th floor of a high rise. Apart from it being cruel it’s just not practical in any way shape or form.

No if that’s you then a much much smaller dog like the Chihuahua or a Pug or a Jack Russell is the order of the day.

Obviously another thing to take into consideration is the costs of dog food and the like. You don’t need me to tell you that Bernie is going to woof down more chunks than little Chuiy.

Chihuahuas eat very little, but feeding costs can still be a bit high, since these dogs are often picky eaters. Recommended feeding for Bernie though is up to 4 cans (13.3oz) of a high-quality meaty product with biscuit added in equal amount or 5 cupfuls of a complete, dry dog food. This dog can eat 8-12 cups of food a day. Ouch!

If you’re looking for a dog somewhere in the middle then a Dalmation just might fit the bill. The Dalmation is a 45 to 65 pound dog that stands 19 to 24 inches in height. This dog is well muscled without being overly bulky or stocky and has loads of energy. A great dog to go for if you want a jogging partner.

Mr Rottweiler or St Bernie need a good sized yard to exercise in. Also remember these dogs as a puppy are still quite big dogs, so if you’ve got little toddlers yourself just be careful they don’t get knocked over or sent flying in some cases.

By the way don’t get hoodwinked by what you see in the films, Rottweiler’s and the like aren’t vicious dogs unless trained to be so. They can be the most loving and most gentle of pets, but they can be highly wary of strangers.

The Chihuahua on the other hand is just right for an apartment, weighing in as little as just one pound and being around 5 inches high.

Nevertheless these tiny dogs, (one of the world’s smallest breeds) don’t believe what they see in the mirror. They actually think they are as powerful as something like a Rottweiler, you’ve just got to admire these little critters and you can’t help having a little laugh to yourself when you see them yapping away in a threatening manner against a much bigger dog.

Wouldn’t you know it with a name like Chihuahua this little guy just had to come from Mexico?