Chihuahua training, doing it the right way

Every dog needs a little bit of training and disciplining. Training should start on the very first day when you bring your Chihuahua home. This will definitely make all training sessions easier for you and the Chihuahua. Chihuahua training is important especially since this breed can be pretty ferocious. So, learn how to do it the right way and you will have no worries of an ill-disciplined Chihuahua as a house pet.

There are many ways that you can use to potty train your Chihuahua. Take your Chi to somewhere outside whenever it wishes to poop. After some time, it will eventually recognize the odor and it will be willing to do its “business” there.

You can use the ‘crate technique’ to help you in potty training your Chihuahuas. At night, put your Chihuahua is a crate with a comfortable bed. Your Chihuahua will then be reluctant to poop in their own bed since they know that they will have to sleep in it. Just remember to take your Chihuahua out! Also, choose a crate that is not too small.

If you wish to train your Chihuahuas to follow commands like ‘sit’ or ‘fetch’, it can be pretty a tedious process, especially if you are inexperienced. The trick is to patient with your pet. Have their favorite treats ready and every time they respond to your command, give them praise or treat. Chihuahuas respond very well to positive attitude.

Do not scream and yell at your pet if he fails to listen to you. If you do this too often, your Chihuahua will be even more afraid to obey you. Punishing is definitely not an ideal way to training your Chihuahua.

In the midst of the training, do not hit your Chihuahua. Hitting him will only make him bite you, as he is only defending himself.

You can also send your Chihuahua for good obedience class. However, this might cost you a bomb. These classes are usually meant for bigger and out-of-control dogs. This is definitely not the ideal training for Chihuahuas. So, it is just best that you train your own Chihuahua.

Here are some guidelines that you might want to use while training your furry friend:

* Guide, but do not force. Chihuahuas prefer if you show them how to do certain things.

* Do not punish your Chihuahua unnecessarily

* Reward your dog with simple treats like biscuits as such for behaviors that please you.

* Try to keep training sessions short and fun. Anything between 10-15 minutes is acceptable. Begin and end each training session with something your dog can do well.

Just remember that old-fashioned training methods that require a lot of forcing don’t work. No matter how hard you try, your Chihuahua will refuse to listen to you if you force him. This will just leave you frustrated. The gentlest of all techniques works best for these fragile creatures.

Training a Chihuahua can be a fun activity for both you and your pet. It is a good bonding session and if you do it good enough, your pet Chihuahua will grow to be a loving house pet for you and your family.