Facts about kennel cough in labrador dogs

Is it possible that Labrador dogs and other breeds of dogs to suffer cough? The answer is yes no doubt. Labrador dogs and other breeds of dogs are not exempted from having kennel cough. Usually, it sounds as if your dog wants to clear his throat. Then along with other activities, cough develops.

Kennel cough, also called tracheobronchitis, is a highly contagious disease brought by several infectious agents. This illness targets the dog’s upper respiratory system, irritating and damaging the trachea and upper bronchi.

This disease is characterized by harsh, dry/hacking cough. Retching, sneezing and snorting as well as watery nasal discharge is also present when your dog is infected. These symptoms usually last around seven to twenty days.

Spread of this disease is also similar to the way human cold is transmitted. Organisms carrying this disease transmit through expired air of an infected dog. When inhaled by your dog, these organisms first attach to the lining of the trachea and upper airway passages. It will then look for a warm, moist surface in which to live and multiply. Be careful when taking your dog in enclosed places such as kennel, animal shelter or indoor dog shows. Your dog can acquire this disease in these places.

Kennel cough is a no big problem. Though affected with this disease, your dog remains the same except for that dry, non-productive cough. Most dogs with kennel cough still continue to eat, sleep, play and do things they used to do. Treatment of this disease varies depending on the severity. Cough suppressants are usually prescribed for the relief of the cough. There are some cases wherein severe kennel cough is accompanied with fever. Antibiotics are then used for treatment.

Organisms carrying kennel cough enter you dog’s body whether you want it or not. Since you or your dog can not choose the air to breathe, it is important to shield them with vaccines. Vaccines will surely help you and your dog combat various diseases thus making your dog live healthy and happy.