Tips every dog owner should know

Taking good care of your family dog should be like second nature to any pet owner. It’s important that we take care of our pets because they often become like one of the family and they deserve to be taken care of with all the joy they bring into our lives. There are a lot of important aspects of proper dog care, but in this article we will be examining three tips that every person who owns a dog should know.

The first tip we’ll be looking at is the use of vitamin E to treat your dog’s common skin diseases and disorders. These pills can be purchased practically anywhere and are pretty non expensive. There are several different ways that you can give these pills to your puppy. One way is to just give the dog the pill whole. The other option you have is to slightly pierce the outer shell extract the oil and just rub it on your dog’s skin yourself. Whichever method works for you is the one you should stick with. Dogs often get dry skin so this is a great way to put the moisture back in your pup’s skin and to keep him from itching so bad.

The second tip we’re going to be looking at is the use of a common household item known as Pepto Bismal. Believe it or not this is actually a great way to help treat your dog when he or she has a slight case of diarrhea. Most people may not realize that this is perfectly safe and won’t harm your dog at all. You should still contact your vet before giving your dog any Pepto to see what the recommended dosage is. Another common side effect of diarrhea is dehydration. If your dog happens to get dehydrated you can always use Pedialyte to help your dog recover.

The third tip that every person who owns a dog should know is a tip to help prevent certain medical problems that may occur in your dog’s lifetime. Many people don’t know that acidophilus, which is found in yogurt is actually really good for your dog. Acidophilus actually helps aid your dog’s digestive tract and helps your pooch to avoid contracting a yeast infection. The only kind of yogurt that is recommended for your dog is plain white yogurt.

Another outstanding tip for every dog owner knows how to treat and prevent ear mites. Ear mites can do a lot of damage to your dog’s ear and cause a lot of discomfort. In order to treat ear mites you need to take an eye dropper and put two drops of corn oil into your dog’s ears. After that you need to gently massage your dog’s ears and wash them out using a few balls of cotton. You will probably have to repeat this process for several days in a row before all the mites are actually gone.

We all know how constipation can make a person feel, so imagine your dog being constipated. It’s not a very pleasant experience. There are ways we can help our pooches become regular again. This remedy varies depending on the size of your dog. If you have a pretty big dog you’ll need to add 3 or 4 tablespoons of mineral oil into his food. A smaller dog only needs 1 tablespoon; maybe 2 so don’t overdo it. After a day or two your dog should be as good as new again.

These are just a couple of helpful hints to help you take care of your favorite four legged friend and help your dog to live a happy healthy life.