How to protect against dog attacks and dog bites

Of all the things going on in my world of self defense and home security products-burglary, rape, assault, self defense, home security, I get more calls and more inquiries on this topic than any other. To me it is amazing. Yet there it is! IT BLOWS ME AWAY!! HOW TO PROTECT AGAINST DOG ATTACKS AND DOG BITES.

More than women’s self defense, more than self defense, more than home security, more than any other single topic-this is, as they say, the pick of the litter.

Anecdotally the other day I got a phone all from a frantic lady whose daughter and her pit bull puppy were attacked when they went to a doggie park. She was scared to death and her daughters’ dog almost got killed.

I am not going to get preachy here but c’mon. Dogs are animals. Animals have instincts. One of those instincts is to fight and in some instances kill. It makes no difference if your dog is trained or not. When those instincts kick in, dogs will do what dogs do. Best you or your kids not be in the way.

The very first article I wrote about this nearly 18 months ago I recommended a dog pepper spray and a dog repeller that sends out an ultrasonic noise only dogs can hear. That was then.

Now I recommend a full strength Mace Pepper Gel and an 800,000 volt stun baton. The reasons for the change are simple. Dogs that run loose in my humble opinion do not deserve any consideration nor do their owners. Far too many people get hurt or traumatized by charging dogs not on leashes.

Some breeds do not respond well or at all to traditional fixes.

There is no certain way to prevent a dog from charging you and your best friend.

You have every right to do what you need to do to protect yourself and your dog!


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