The tips and tricks to keeping your akita dogs coat looking its best

When it comes time to groom your Akita there are several things to keep in mind that are breed specific. Most Akita dogs don’t care about how they look like as long as they are happy rolling on the ground or on something stinky they found destroying the beauty in their coat. However, dog owners do not want this and as much as possible, they would like their Akita dogs looking their best. This is where experts come into play by creating dog grooming salon. Dog grooming salons are experts in keeping their coats looking shiny and healthy. The cost of dog grooming in pet salons is reasonable because the professionals will take care of all the fuss. However, for numerous reasons, not all people choose to use this routine, some don’t even bother bringing their dogs into a grooming salon because they would rather do it themselves.

If you are one of those people who would rather groom your Akita dog by themselves, there are some things that you should keep in mind in order to keep your dog’s coat looking their best. The first thing is that Akitas ; especially those with long hair should be combed and brushed two to three times a week. Akita dogs that possess thick undercoats must be combed out weekly. This will speed up the process of shedding and may avoid the hair from falling into the furniture and carpets. Dogs that have shorter hair need to be brushed frequently also to keep their hair healthy. It is also important that the fleas be treated at this time.

The best thing to use in combing your Akita dog’s hair and undercoat is the shedding comb. It has a tooth design with long teeth that pull the dead hair and the undercoat. It also has small teeth that collect the loose hair of the dog and it also the best tool to remove the matted hair. You may also use an undercoat rake for Akita dogs that have thick coats.

Another thing to remember is bathing. Though bathing is very important in keeping your dog’s coat fresh, this should not always be done. Veterinarians suggest that an Akita dog be bathed not more than once a month because over bathing can cause the dog’s skin to become dry and may lead to itching which eventually may lead to infection. If you want to bath your dog more than once a month, it is necessary for you to use an aloe shampoo with conditioner.

The dogs coat should also be checked frequently to see if they have cuts, fleas, rashes, ticks, burrs and bumps that might attack their coats. There is a need to treat this with appropriate application of medication or antibiotics. Flea and allergies should be treated as soon as possible because this can cause them skin eruptions. It should also be kept in mind that healthy skin and coat starts with a good diet. If the coat of your Akita dog is dull or the skin of the dog appears itchy, the dog might need to change their diet however, fatty supplements and vitamins will eliminate such problems.

As mentioned, professional groomers are available for grooming your dog. They also clean ears and clip the dog’s nails. If you can’t maintain your dogs coat by yourself, you can bring them to pet salons where there are experts to do this job. Your Akita dog only asks for a little in exchange for the limitless love and loyalty they give. Helping them become healthy is the least you can do for them.