Can Dogs Eat Cheese

Can Dogs Eat Cheese?

Dogs shouldn’teat cheese

It is not unusual for dogs to have a dairy allergy. Even when a dog doesn’t have a dairy allergy, they can still have a dairy intolerance. If your dog hasn’t had any issues with dairy in the past, then feel free to give it a try. Cheese isn’t poisonous (like raisinsor chocolate), but always give in moderation. If a dog does have a dairy or lactose intolerance they may get gas or diarrhea from eating cheese.

Slices of cheese are actually very helpful for owners who need to give their dog pills but the dog is resistant to taking it! Dogs usually aren’t too picky about the kind of cheese you use, just roll the pill up into the cheese and they will be none the wiser!

For people who like to make home-made dog treats, cheese can generally be used safely. Something to be aware of though is that dogs do not have a lot of lactose, which is the enzyme that is used to break down lactose. Because of this some dogs may get an upset stomach from cheese. Cheese doesn’t have as much lactose as milk and other dairy products though, so it is not usually as much of a problem for dogs to digest. Your best option is to use a limited quantity of low fat cheese when making treats yourself, and if it doesn’t upset your dog’s stomach you know you’re ok.