Things you should know about dog training

Known as man’s best friend, Dogs are the most loved domesticated animals in the world. Having a dog or puppy in a family is quite exciting for that family. But just having a dog or a puppy is not all. One should also pay attention to training his/her dog properly so that he can become an obedient and accepting part of the family. Dog training is not a simple job; it demands certain skills and approaches in order to make it useful, which can be learned in course of training. It is believed to be a good idea to train your dog yourself, though you can appoint or hire an expert or specialized dog trainer to look after the job. But both the ways have their respective merits and demerits.

Though you might commit mistakes and there could be instability in your approach it is always helpful to train your dog yourself as it gives you a better chance of establishing that significant contact or communication between you and your dog. You will gradually understand how your dog is reacting to any particular situation or what cause them to do a specific action – like barking. On the contrary, appointing a skilled person gives you immediate results but does not allow you to experience the “trial and error” method possible when training personally, which can be useful at some point of time.

Some will ask you to go for a blend of the two – train yourself, but also join a professional dog training class. This helps you to attend several things, its like eating your cake, and still keeping it. It also cuts down your expenses, needed in the case of professional trainer and still providing with the professional direction for the training. At the same time it also allows you to establish that special bond, which is possible when you train your dog by yourself.

Always keep in mind that patience; environment, and rewards are very important factors, irrespective of how you chose to train your dog. These factors affect a lot and give you total success if properly maintained.

While training you need patience, keeping in mind the fact that you are going to communicate with someone who does not speak your language or follow your way of using any communicative methods. If you see that your hard work is not yielding any satisfactory results or that you are not being able to proceed with it just do not give up. It will take some time to make your dog bark or sit by simply uttering or calling out some words to him as it is not a language which is natural or previously known to him. You have to go for many repetitions and must praise him, whenever he does something correctly, to get results.

Environment also plays an important part in dog training as dogs are very much influenced by their environment. It is better to do the training session in a quiet place with fewer disturbances, as any disturbance at the time of training can easily distract their attention. On the other hand you can select a noisier place for advanced training, but only after he is trained in basic obedience.

Dogs, being man’s good friend, always try to please their owners and keep them contented. So in order to get a profitable result you must let know your dog when you are happy with him and reward him with cuddles or any treat after he performs anything, the way you wanted. This will give your dog an impression that you are happy with him and he will try to hold up this act of his in future.

So, dog training can be equally challenging and easy, if you follow the instructions provided to you here.