The right dog toys for your dog

Dogs like toys and they will make a toy, if you don’t give them one. They will chew sticks in the yard or furniture in the house. Your canine friend will race away with your slippers, shoes or a pillow. You can come home to find pillow stuffing scattered around the house. Dog toys keep your dog from being bored when he is home alone and from chewing up your things.

The safety of the toys you give your dog is important and keeping items out of his reach that he could hurt himself with is important too. Strings, ribbons, and children’s toys with detachable eyes or parts are examples of items your dog might choke on. Throw away any dog toys that break so he doesn’t swallow the pieces.

Rubber bones for puppies and dogs are good choices. Some of these are mint flavored and buoyant. There are sizes good for pups, little dogs, and big dogs. Squeaky rubber toys for puppies are something some puppies really enjoy. Puppy chew toys shaped like fish that come in different sizes are available and teething rings with keys are good for teething pups that definitely chew a lot.

Small dogs need and enjoy toys too. Smaller balls and plush toys are made for small dogs. The plush toys come in various animals like sheep, frogs, ducks, and bears. Be sure that the plush/stuffed toys aren’t filled with Styrofoam beads as your dog may swallow or inhale the beads and be harmed. Bouncy, chewy rubber toys for small dogs come in different shapes like chickens, tennis balls, footballs, bones, and turkey legs.

You can give your dog some holiday fun with squeaky chew toys that look like Santa, snowmen, and Christmas trees. Toys with treats in them are popular with dogs. Some of these are rolling cubes and as your dogs plays with it the food comes out. Floatable toys are a favorite of any dog that likes to swim.

Interactive toys for dogs have gained in popularity. They keep your dog interested and entertained for longer periods; puzzles are one kind of interactive dog toy. These toys are a challenge for your dog. Some interactive dog toys let you play with your dog with his toy. Another kind is the motion activated dog toy that use electronics to entertain your dog. These are good when your dog will be at the house by himself.

Some of the interactive toys are plush and some have squeakers or flashing lights. Others float and some have treats in them. Some are balls that have treats in them and you can record a message for your dog. There are toys with removable parts, glowing bones, and motion activated toys. There are even tug toys that are made of fire hose material and they can be used as a fetch toy.

There is a wide assortment of toys for dogs and they are made for puppies, small dogs, and large dogs.