Dog airline travel tips

If your dog is used to car trips, then travel by plane should not create any problem for you or for your pet. If you want to fully enjoy your trip with your canine companion, then you should take into consideration the following suggestions that help you to provide a better trip for your companion and you.

· Verify the dog’s health before starting an airplane travel trip with your dog. This is not only for the dog’s sake, but rather because legislation actually asks for it. It is required from each dog that travels by plane, to be vaccinated and to have no transmissible diseases which will need to be approved before travel. All this must be done within ten days of travel. Make sure you bring an inspection letter from your vet before any sort of air travel.

· The owner should keep his pet away from extreme temperatures. Make sure that your dog is safe during the air travel and fly with your dog only when the temperatures are between 35 and 85 degrees at both ends of the flight.

There are airlines that will have “cold embargos” or “heat embargos” in the winter and summer months. That means that the flight, under these circumstances are banned. Call your airline agency if you are unsure if you are traveling during these times.

Foreign dog air travel may require quarantine. There are some isolated countries like England or New Zealand that requires upon arriving on land, will definately quarantine your pet after landing. You should get used to such obligations and practices. Moreover, if there are several international departure flights, you may have to handle these situations on numerous locations. Although it may not be very pleasant, you have to conform.

· It is not advisable to tranquilize your dog during the flight. It seems that tranquilizers are the primary cause of illness or even death in dog air travel, according to statistics. During air travel, the dogs simply cannot have professional and quick medical assistance. The medication at hand could be pointless and cause injuries for the dog. For preventing such cases, various airliners have prohibited tranquilized pets aboard.

· Your pet should be trained before the flight. All airliners require parting of the dog, from its owner during the flight, if the dog is a medium to large sized breed. Smaller breeds are allowed onboard. Large and medium sized dogs have the misfortune to be transported in a shipping case during the flight.

As to make your dog feel more at ease during the air travel, you should have it previously prepared by training it. You could do this by getting your pet accustomed to be confined in a travel box for a long period of time. The dog must be trained to socialize with strangers in the most unusual environments.

· Use labels during the dog air travel, as not to lose your pet. You should write your name, your dog’s name, and any other helpful information on the dog’s collar and on the crate. There were many cases when dogs were lost or taken by other owners, so these measures are very important.

You can also use a specialized pet air transporter for your dog. There are professional companies that will take your pet to many various locations. Due to their great experiences, these companies are aware of the legislation required during the air travel. The companies offer all that a dog needs to feel comfortable. Actually, many air companies have banned the booking of dog air flights to the public. On or, you can find the top preferences for pet transporters.

Maybe you found these pieces of advice interesting and helpful. We warmly suggest you follow these instructions on your following flights and will enjoy a pleasant and safe travel your canine friend without being too troublesome. It is the dog’s right to be treated with care and to be offered guidance in our modern way of living.