The loving boxer puppy

Many people want to have a pet and they usually go with the pet when it is only a baby. The same holds true for any boxer dog. You can find these puppies at a local pet store and a trustworthy breeder. You may be able to find one through backyard breeders, too. If you want to know the kind of boxer you are getting is genuine, then your best bet is to find a highly known and quite knowledge breeder. They have the homework down when it comes to the different boxer pedigrees and all their loving and not so loving traits. Boxer dogs are quite popular to own. For that reason, there are many people getting into the breeding process who lack the necessary knowledge. These people have no inkling the dangers of insufficient knowledge as on the breeding process.

For this reason, stick with those who know about the boxer breed. They can tell you all about the problems of the puppies and can help you through any of the situations that may crop up. The Kennel Club has plenty of boxer puppy breeders; but not all of them are trustworthy. The chances of you getting a non-reputable dealer though are slim; however, the possibility is still there. If you choose to deal with a pet store or backyard breeder, you will get no guarantees about the puppy’s health.

In the beginning, puppies are like babies. They don’t do much else except for eat, sleep and maybe play. After a puppy turns three weeks old, they become a bit more active. Did you know that the boxer is popular because of their affectionate nature? While this may be, they still need a consistent obedience training that will enhance these wonderful qualities and turn it into a dog that is outwardly gracious and quite respectful. It is wise to introduce the obedience concept when your boxer is still a puppy.

Boxer can easily follow the commands “sit” and “come” especially when you begin teaching when he/she is still a pup. Those lessons you are teaching it will help you further along in forming an attachment with your canine friend. It is also good for discipline because of those familiarities. If you can, do not confuse your animal by saying one thing but doing something completely different. Be sure to use the same rules and guidelines for each thing training exercise…whether it is good or bad. Like a young child, punishment should be immediate, not five minutes later when they are bound to have forgotten the mistake.

You don’t always have to formally train for them to remember the fun times you both have together. However, you should spend time with them outside of training times too. Do not forget that your boxer is still a puppy and he is bound to forget the “rules” especially when it comes to obeying a master’s command. You shouldn’t resort to punishments. Instead when your canine pet remembers and follows the command, give him/her praise or reward them with treats. Using insensitive methods makes any situation uncomfortable for your pet. By doing this, he/she can distance him/herself away from you. As you boxer matures, add time to trainings.

Canines have a natural response mechanism that makes them follow the leader. If you want your boxer to listen to you, then you need to take over this leadership role. In no time, the puppy you love with follow you anywhere you wish it to go. Be sure to stay tolerant of your puppy friend. He is still growing and learning. It is imperative for boxer owners to inspire a sense of assurance that resonate through the boxer’s demeanor. Never do a long explanation when you are giving commands…short and simple. Plus, try to use the same tone of voice each time.