The komondor, a hardy outdoor dog

The Komondor is a great outdoor dog because he loves being outside no matter what the weather is. This breed originated in Tibet and was brought to Hungary over a thousand years ago. Originally used to guard flocks of sheep, it is still put to use for guarding livestock as well as homes today.

Part of the American Kennel Club working group, this dog has been shown since the 1920s and is a large breed weighing up to 125 pounds and being around 25 inches tall.

The Komondor has a unique look as his massive body is covered in a corded coat which is about 8 to 10 inches long. This coat actually allows the dog to blend in with the sheep herds that it protects. It can take up to two years for these cords of hair to form completely and they can be five years before the dogs coat reaches its length. It has short dark eyes and U-shaped years that hang down. This dog is typically only white in color.

Although the Komondor is a large dog, he still needs to be treated sensitively during training. He is very devoted to his family but can be reserved with strangers. This is a faithful courageous dog that makes a good pet as well as guard dog.

The Komondor is a pretty healthy breed and the only typical concerns are hip dysplasia and skin problems.

This breed needs a lot of daily exercise and prefers a country environment with lots of land, but he can live in an apartment if he�s provided with enough outdoor exercise. They can do well in any type of climate and are well-suited to spend a lot of time outdoors, however this breed can be a bit lazy and will sleep the day away if there is nothing else to do. Although this dog has a long and substantial coat, it must never be brushed or combed but should be trimmed regularly. The Komondor does need to be bathed frequently and it can take a really long time for the hair to dry. Despite the large amounts of hair, this breed sheds very little.